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Monthly Archives: July 2020

  1. Fun Facts: Week 8

    Post by : Sycor Marketing

    For this week's cabling fun facts, we'll be exploring some of the most common wiring mistakes. These mistakes vary from lack of knowledge, simple human error and even encompass outdated wiring procedures. With wiring applications continuing to grow annually, electrical mistakes are consistently becoming more prevalent within all different industries.

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  2. What is High-Voltage Wire?

    Post by : Sycor Marketing

    Have you ever looked at a large structure and wondered how it's powered? The Sycor team, believe it or not, does this with every single application. From simple appliance wiring to extremely high-voltage applications, our team consistently deals with applications on all kinds of different power levels, for a wide range of different industries. This blog will breakdown some of the most important information about some of the most durable and well-protected cabling products.

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