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Monthly Archives: February 2021

  1. What is a High Flex Cable?

    Post by : Sycor Marketing

    Ultra or high flex cables typically come in heavy-duty, oil-resistant, continuous flex, multi-conductor constructions. Being able to continuously flex, bending flex or even Torsional Flex requires incredibly reliable constructions, which are consistently tested between 2 and 14 million cycles, depending on the manufacturer. These incredibly flexible and durable cables are designed to withstand medium stress and movements in dry, moist and harsh conditions.

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  2. Sourcing Specialists

    Post by : Sycor Marketing

    Sycor Technology has been working with manufacturers around the world for over 40 years. With manufacturers specializing in different aspects of various cabling constructions, Sycor Technology can source any type of cable with almost any type of certification.

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