Hello everyone, I hope you’re all doing well and had an amazing Valentines day. Today we are going to be trying something new with the blog as it has been typically used for helping educate customers who only occasionally deal with wire and cable. We've decided to spice things up and our expert sales team has come up with a new idea called “Friday Fun Facts”.

Unlike our past blogs, the Friday morning fun facts will consist of 5-10 facts about wire and cable topics. Being the end of the week Sycor wants to start your weekend on a good note with information that is surprisingly interesting. For this week Sycor will be doing random wire and cabling facts that we believe may peek your interests.

1. Did you know that Benjamin Franklin wasn’t the first person to harness the power of electricity. In 1936 scientists found clay pot batteries used by Romans, which contained copper plates, tin alloy and iron rods. The clay pot is thought to be the first battery ever attempted and over 2000 years old.

2. Did you know that heat-shrink cable management in 2017 produced $4.710 billion worldwide and is forecast to increase to $5.060 billion in 2023.

3. Did you know that within the next three decades there’s going to be 76 million baby boomers retiring and only 46 million to replace them. In order to maximize labour costs, robotics and automation will become the most viable option, which will save money and becoming increasingly easier to integrate.

4. Did you know that switching to robotics and automation will help decrease the size of your environmental footprint. By switching robotics and automation you're able to streamline equipment, use energy more efficiently, reduce scrap created from human error and overall save more money.

5. Did you know that if you invested in solar panels for residential or commercial use, it would take between 7-20 years for it to pay itself off completely.

6. Did you know that the average lightning bolt holds 1,000,000,000 joules of energy. That’s enough power to keep a 60 watt light on for approximately 6 months and power a refrigerator with its door wide open for an entire day.

7. Did you know that the U.S Pentagon has over 160,934 kilometres of telephone wiring installed.

8. Did you know the aircraft Boeing 747 contains 273.6 kilometres of wire.

9. Did you know that 99% of all data transferred internationally is done by a wire called submarine communication cable. These unique cables are located at the bottom of the ocean and are submerged as deep as the height of Mount Everest. Sharks also often attempt to take bites out of the cable and scientists have no idea why.

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