This weeks Cabling Fun Facts: Elon Musk proves China can be completely powered by solar power, how solar power is now cheaper than fossil fuels and how renewables are continuing to lower in price.

1. Did you know that common static electricity on rare occasions can measure up to 3000 Volts.


2. Did you know that Solar panelling equipment has fallen +90% in price since 1977.

 Solar Power


3. Solar electricity has become cheaper than using fossil fuels like gas and coal. Solar power is also much healthier for not only the surrounding residents but the planet itself.

solar power


4. Currently, wind power accounts for more than 3% of the world's energy. This global number has risen from 0.1% in 1991, 1.5% in 2008 and 2.5% in 2010.

Wind Power


5. How fast do you think the tips of wind turbines spin? A recent study found that the turbine tips can reach 320km an hour.

Wind Power


6. How much of the world's energy do you think is created from hydro? In 2015 scientists found out that hydro produces 70% of all renewable energy. That accounts for 16.6% of all the worlds energy.

Hydro Power


7. Did you know that if China the most densely populated country were to ground mount solar panels in the fields surrounding Hong Kong, it would able to supply enough energy to power the entire country.

City Solar Power


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