Its been a while, but we've finally finished our Friday cabling fun facts #6. For this week's fun facts we'll be discussing unique conducting materials, the reality of power cables and power lines, as well as a common misconception surrounding armouring cables. As per usual, each fun fact will have its source directly below. Hope you enjoy!

Electrical current passing through a log

1. Wood, believe it or not, is able to insulate electricity. Wood is conductor, a very weak conductor, but nonetheless still a conductor. If an electrical wire is laid down on a piece of wood, that wood will transfer portions of the energy through it. If that wood is wet, then it becomes an excellent conductor, and a large amount of electricity will be able to pass through it.

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  Power Line example

2. Many people believe the myth that power lines are safely covered with electrical insulation. In reality, 90% of all power lines located outside are bare and uninsulated. Many cables have weather-resistant coatings, but even then, only 10% are covered with physical insulation.

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3. It's often a misconception that when a power line falls to the ground it becomes a dead wire when in reality, it's the opposite. Very often when a power line falls, it lands on a poor conductor like snow or asphalt, which causes the line to pull more power. The power companies typically see this increase in demand and write it off as people coming home from work, while in reality, the electricity is ready to go.

This a big issue because at first glance, the power may look turned off, but if someone were to touch that live line, the results could be fatal.

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   Armoured Cable

4. An interesting fact about wire and cable armouring is that it can't protect against moisture. It's common knowledge that power cables are usually water-resistant, but if that cable's construction also has exterior armouring, then the cables' overall construction will rapidly deteriorate over time.

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  Television Example

5. The word "cable" is also used as ellipsis, or a short form, for "cable TV".

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Automotive Wiring example

6. The average North American made car has approximately 1500-2000 different electrical wires, which typically reaches 1-mile in length if stretched out.

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  Wire and Cabling optimal performance

7. Most people believe that electrical wires are able to maintain a consistent current 100% of the time. This is actually false. The truth is the current capacity of the electrical cable varies with respect to the depth at which the cables have been laid in the ground or the air temperature within the application. This fact is why choosing the correct cable for specific applications is so essential when factors such as these are present. 

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SOOW Power Cable Fun fact

8. One common misconception is that every power cable has a long life span. This is inherently not true, partially because of factors such as durability, capacity, usage and other characteristics. There are specific manufacturers out there who are into manufacturing cables. This is why not all of them are meant to last for long periods of time.

It's always worth it to check the lifeline of your power cables before you purchase them, especially if your cable will be installed in a harsh environment. 

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We hope you all enjoyed this week's Friday fun facts and were able to learn something new. Don't forget to follow us on our socials and sign up for our newsletters to stay updated.

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