Sycor Technology Inc. is proud to announce the official launch of our new website. The Sycor team has been working tirelessly to fully launch the new site, which includes changes in navigation, more drop-down menus and increased optimization for computer and mobile users. After speaking with many loyal customers and conducting in-depth market research Sycor’s team can now receive customer quotes in mass and reply with current prices faster than ever before. The new website also makes shopping for customers much easier in a few different ways:

1. Sycor Technology Inc.'s UL/CSA designation page

This area has been designed for customers to find a specific UL or CSA quickly. Many UL and CSA designations are specific to a set voltage or temperature, which is why we provided additional information beside the UL numbers.  Each designation is linked back to the specific category, where you can find additional wire information. This information typically includes:

  • Available Construction
  • Product Description
  • Application
  • Approvals
  • Voltage Rating
  • Temperature Rating
  • Available Colours
  • Available VAS
  • Alternative Products

 Sycor Technology Inc lists many of its ready and available products but still has many other products, as the UL style varies or is not listed. Many products may not have a UL designation such as Telephone and Network Cable. These non-listed products can be found either using the search bar located at the top or looking through the different categories.

UL/CSA quick Navigation Page

2. Sycor Technology Inc. has expanded and is continuing to expand its product catalogue

Carrying over 3500 unique wire and cable products, our team has recently added solar power, wind turbine, more high-temperature variations, halogen-free categories and many more. All of these new additions meet not only UL and CSA requirements but also other international ones such as:

  • CE
  • VDE
  • HAR

By increasing product approvals Sycor has been able to offer additional product variations, such as a larger cable management catalog. Some of these include:

wire and cable Product page layout

3. Sycor now takes requests for quotes online.

In the past Sycor Technology typically took orders on the phone and through personal emails, but now this process is conducted through online automation. The process involves 5 steps that can take less than 2 minutes if you know what you’re looking for.

1. Choose your product

How to choose your desired products

2. Pick what specification you need

Choosing the exact product

3. Fill out your desired requirements

Sycor's product customization

4. Fill out the information

Providing contact information

5. The quote will be acknowledged through an email confirming your order

How you know your order has been successful

This newly implemented ordering system will save time for customers, save time for Sycor employees and get quotes to the correct personnel in a much faster and more efficient manner. Sycor has been working tirelessly for the last few months to make finding, quoting and ordering wire as painless as possible. We hope you guys enjoy the new opportunities the website provides and that everyone enjoys the new products, categories and specifications we’ve been able to add.

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