What’s the first thing you think of when you hear “robot” or “robotic automation”? Is it a robot from a Sci-Fi movie, perhaps a Kiosk at Mc Donald’s, an automated cooking machine that turns on when designated or maybe even an automated factory comes to mind. The reality is that all of these are either in the development or already integrated into society.

Robotics and Automation Wire


Robotics and automation is something that people 50 years ago could have never imagined and today there’s somewhere close to 1,000,000 automated robotic applications consistently being relied upon. About 50% of these are located in Japan and 15% in the U.S. The automobile industry is just one example of how organizations are using robotics to fulfill labour demands, optimize efficiency, reduce human error and save money. With millions of cars on the road all built to certain specifications, automobile companies have integrated robotic automation in order to meet growing market demands.


When examining applications and how to implement robotic automation there are 3 factors to consider:

1. Strength: The first factor to consider is the maximum size and weight that is going to be lifted.

2. Design: How much space does the robot require and what will the physical design need to be.

3. Intelligence: The Final factor is how much intelligence does the robotic automation need.


Industries that benefit the most from automation and robotic integration:

  • Consumer Goods
  • Food & Beverage industries
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Medical
  • Telecommunications
  • Appliances & Electronics
  • Mining
  • Industrial
  • Transportation
  • Energy


How your organization can benefit from Robotics and Automation:

 Robotics and Automation The Next Big Thing

Operation costs: Automation and robotics are unable to add creativity to intended applications because they follow orders exactly to specification every time. Robotic automation is able to replace 3-5 employees, because it doesn’t need a break and gets the operation right the first time, no matter how hot, difficult or physically draining the application is.

 Robotics and Automation Time Management

Logistics & Analytics: Learning is an important part of any business and even if you’re at the top of the industry the best logistics and analytics will always reap greater ROI. Logistics and analytics can be extremely beneficial; by examining how long it takes certain jobs to finish, how many errors occur and what method of production reaps the best results. When a company is able to consistently improve on what they already know it enables the organization to make smarter decisions that can be extremely beneficial to the organization as a whole.

 Robotics and Automation delivers the same quality every time

Consistently Higher Quality of Work: With automation end results are the same every time. If it’s a good, bad or even a moderate design, automation will create to designated specifications every time.

 Robotics and Automation Higher quality of work

Maximize Labor/Productivity: When you hire employees your company is making an investment. By paying the employee, giving designated time off/lunch, benefits and more. When you invest in automation you’re simply paying a 1-time fee + maintenance. No salary, no time off and no benefits. Organizations are able to replace 30 labourers with 5 robots and get better end results.

 Robotics and Automation Creates safer work environments

Safer Work Environments: In the past men and women were required to perform dangerous manufacturing jobs that involved acidic materials, extremely high temperatures and now robotics and automation are able to safeguard employees from these physically harmful environments. This change also reduces the amount of stress in the workplace, because of how it gives employees a safer and more comfortable sense of being.

 Robotics and Automation doesn't waste material

More Environmentally Friendly: By forcing production into streamline productivity not only increases, but it’s also an environmentally friendlier option. With less scrap created, using the minimum amount of energy every time, less space and no human error; organizations in manufacturing, medical and other fields are able to reduce the amount of waste, while saving money on materials.


Generations ago our grandparents couldn’t have imagined how far our technology would come. With the 76 million baby boomers retiring in the next few decades and only 46 million to replace them, other means of production must be implemented in order to keep up with societies increasing demand for “stuff”.

Robotics and automation applications continue to increase in strength and size, but also precision. From working with extremely high-temperature manufacturing equipment to completing brain surgery on patients, robotics and automation have gone farther than ever believed and will continue to advance into the far future. Sycor Technology Inc. is a well known robotic and automation wire and cable distributor. For any further questions about what type of wire or cable your application requires don’t hesitate to contact our expert sales team for help.

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