In the wire and cable world, there are thousands of different types of cabling designations. Within these thousands of wires, there are certain ones used consistently, and others only relied on for unique applications. Our team will breakdown one of the more popular types of cabling products, Thermoplastic Equipment Wire or more commonly known as 'TEW.'

Thermoplastic Equipment Wire or TEW wire:

1. TEW wiring applications

  • Some of these applications include appliances, switchboards, electronic circuits, control cabinets and the wiring of machine tools.

 2. TEW wire is available in 2 different constructions

  • Bare Copper TEW: Originally TEW came in only bare copper, which is the popular choice when the price is the determining factor.
  • Tinned Copper TEW: Tinned copper was adapted for customers who require a longer shelf life, because a tin dipped conductor stops long term rusting and deterioration.
Insulation: The insulation consists of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), which is known for its resistance against moisture, chemicals, abrasion, acids, alkali and grease.
Temperature Rating:  -25ºC to +105ºC

Colours Available: 

Black IconBrown IconRed IconOrange IconYellow IconGreen Icon
Blue IconViolet IconGrey IconWhite IconPink IconTan Icon


TEW wire is a commonly used product that has a dual UL rating, which means a specific UL designates each gauge size. This is often done to help electrical personnel (Engineers, electricians, Etc.) when identifying the exact product they need.

Gauge Sizes (AWG)

TEW UL Certifications

10 – 26

UL 1015


UL 1028

2 - 6

UL 1283

1 - 4/0

UL 1284


The TEW wire is also rated for CSA, NEMA and SAE:

  • CSA FT1 Flame Test
  • NEMA
  • SAE 1127
  • VW-1 Flame Test


Similar to other popular products, TEW is able to act as a replacement product for many older/outdated products. This is very common among UL and mil-spec products. Some of the potential products TEW can replace in certain applications are:


Customization services available for TEW Wire:

TwistingBondingCuttingTin DippingTerminating


Sycor's Clearance TEW Wire:

Sycor has been conducting business since 1981 and has supplied millions of meters wire, to thousands of customers. In that time, our team has built up a large inventory of different TEW Gauge sizes and colours, in both bare copper and tinned copper. Sycor's TEW Clearance section offers:

Fast Lead Times
Knowing the exact quantity available and in the exact construction, all we have to do is ship your desired cable.


Reduced Price
Sycor's clearance stock is sold at clearance pricing. What that means is unlike our competitors who sell at the current market price, our team's clearance section will be significantly reduced.


More information
With a well-organized warehouse and database Sycor's able to provide more information to our customers during their RFQ's.


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