The cabling world has many different types of products used for applications in all aspects of the electrical industry. One of the more unique types of wire and cable products is the water-resistant cable, also known as a water block cable or waterproof cable. These types of wiring products are unique in not only construction but also installation and application. 

What is Waterproof Cable?

Waterproof cables or water-resistant cables typically come in multi-conductor constructions, designed for wet or aquatic applications. This is a difficult area to perform consistently as each aquatic environment brings its own set of obstacles. With different types of water, different temperatures and different water levels, picking the correct type of waterproof or water-resistant cable can be quite challenging.

Waterproof / Water Resistant Cable

The waterproof cables must be able to perform in environments such as freshwater, saltwater and even chlorinated pools. These cables have the ability to be designed to survive in completely submerged environments and customized to function at varying depths. These different applications make the type of construction an important factor during the design phase.


Some of the different waterproofing materials available:

  • Water blocking tape
  • Water blocking gel
  • Water blocking fillers

Types of Fillers

The material that's placed inside the Jacket fills in the cable's hallow areas to prevent potential leakage when a tare appears in the outer Jacket. Each waterproofing material is able to handle a specific amount of water or moisture, which is also dependant on the overall construction of the cable. 


The Type of Jacket

The jacket is an important factor as it is the first line of defence for waterproof cables. Your jacket choice should take into consideration the type of water, the location, and the different abuses that it may be subject to.


Waterproof Cable / Water-Resistant Cable Applications!

There are many different types of applications that waterproof cables / water-resistant cables can be used within 

  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Military
  • Pressure sensor equipment
  • Oil & Gas Refineries
  • Conveyors and forklifts
  • Industrial PCs
  • Outdoor TVs
  • Audio-Visual Equipment
  • GPS
  • Marine communications
  • And many more

Water Resistant SOOW Power Cable

Industry Terminology

The wire and cable industry uses a number of different terms to describe a wire or cable that is able to operate within wet or marine applications:

  • Waterblock cable 
  • Waterproof cable 
  • Water-resistant cable 
  • Watertight cable
  • Submersible cable 


Benefits of Sycor's Waterproof Cables / Water-Resistant Cables

Sycor's team has the ability to pick and choose different types of waterproof cabling constructions from manufacturers around the world. Sycor can also supply custom cable for applications that require additional protection or unique attributes. Some of these different constructions range from:

Guage: 4/0 - 28 AWG

Voltage: 30V - 600V

Waterproof SJOOW Power Cable


Waterproof cables or water-resistant cables are often one of the most underrated cables in the electrical industry. Whether your application has moisture in the air, water flowing around it, or even if it is completely submerged, there's a waterproof construction that can help. Having such a wide variety of different constructions and customizable options can make deciding on a specific cable very difficult. Sycor's technical specialists can help breakdown the best possible solutions for your application while offering additional cost-effective alternatives. 



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