Since 1981, Sycor Technology has been offering our customers quality service as a distributor and manufacturer of both electronic and electrical types of wire, cable, cable management products and harnesses. The Sycor team has developed into one of the most cost-effective and unique distributors in North America, while also offering specific services that are extremely difficult to source elsewhere.


1. Our Team Offers Additional Value-Added Services!

Unlike other distributors, Sycor takes its business to the next level by offering additional customization services. These services are a cost-effective way for our customers to have their wire and cable products ready for installation upon arrival. These services help with organization, increase ROI and reduce labour time, overall helping increase the cost-effectiveness of customer's cabling solutions. 

Re-Spooling ServiceCutting and Stripping ServiceStriping ServicePrinting Value Added ServiceTin Dipping Value Added Service

Services Offered:

  • Twisting
  • Bonding
  • Dyeing
  • Striping
  • Cutting & Stripping
  • Cable Management
  • Printing & Marking
  • Kitting and labelling
  • Armouring
  • Terminating
  • Quick Pull Wire Bundling
  • Custom Re-Spooling



2. Manufacturers Worldwide

Unlike many of our local competitors, the Sycor team has partnered suppliers that can manufacture almost any type of certified cable. Being in business since 1981, we've been able to partner up with world-renowned manufacturers. Over the last few decades, the Sycor team has been slowly expanding our list of partners locally and internationally.

Manufacturers World Wide

Currently, Sycor has 100+ different vendors our team is in contact with, which not only gives us a wider range of constructions to choose from but more current market prices from multiple sources. We take pride in the service our team offers, which is why we provide our customers with multiple prices that fluctuate based on the lead time, quantity and type of construction. This gives the customer a few different options to choose from as well as a few alternative products if required.



3. We stock the most popular types of certifications (CSA, UL, Mil-Spec, Etc)

Wire and cable are used throughout the world and have different certification requirements for applications in specific geographical locations. Our team is able to supply almost all of these certifications, even the ones outside of North America. Some of the more popular certifications that our team supplies are:

  • UL - Under Writers Laboratory
  • CSA - Canadian Standards Agreement
  • CE
  • VDE
  • ISO - ISO 9000 & ISO 9001
  • MSHA - Mining Saftey & Helth Administration


UL - Underwriter Labratories     CSA Group - Canadian Standards Association



4. Custom Cable Assemblies & Wire Harnesses

Unlike many other international distributors, our team is also able to create custom assemblies and harnesses, on top of our general distribution. In the electrical industry, most major distributors only buy and re-sell cables, while our team goes the extra mile. On top of offering additional customization services, our quality standard follows ISO 9001 and IPC/Wire Harness Manufacturers Association A620-A standard. These certifications basically mean we're allowed to assemble cables in a customized manner.

In House Cable Assembly & Wire Harnessing Service

Our team also tests 100% of the wire harnesses and cable assemblies manufactured in-house. Test reports are generated and attached to each shipment if required. Each harness and cable assembly is also accompanied by an FAI also known as a "First Article Inspection". The first article inspection is a series of tests that our in-house team conducts when a wire harness or cable assembly is completed. What the test actually incumbents is based on the custom assembly itself, and what type of environment that specific assembly will be subject to.

Testing Capabilities:

  • Hi-Pot Testing
  • 100% Continuity
  • Customized Test Fixtures
  • Visual Inspections
  • First Article Approvals/PPAP
  • SPC Programs

Whatever customization service you require, we can help. From simple appliance assemblies to highly technical robotic harnesses, our team has a custom solution for whatever your application may be.



5. Unique Promotions

Promotions are a major part of our service, especially during the summer months. Our team typically tries to aim our promotions at the types of services we offer, therefore allowing us to introduce a cost-effective way to help customers. The most consistent promotion our team has been advertising is the "cutting and stripping", which is also the lower-left box.

Wire Cutting and Stripping Service Promotion     TEW Wire UL1015 & UL1028 Clearance Promotion



6. Large Catalogue

Most distributors will only supply a very select few types of cables, and they're typically the popular (easy to find) constructions. Our team goes the extra distance and provides a vast range of different products in over a dozen various wire and cable product categories. We also make it our goal to provide alternative constructions when customers are having trouble finding specific products.

Official Sycor Product Catalogue

Some of these categories are:

  • Hook-up Wire
  • Mil-Spec Wire
  • Multi-Conductor Wire
  • Building Wire
  • Cable Management Products
  • Automotive Wire
  • Coaxial Cable
  • High-Temperature Wire
  • Electrical Braids and Shunts
  • Solar & Wind Turbine Cable
  • Portable & Power Cables
  • Many More...

Offering a larger selection of products than our competitors gives more power to our customers when deciding on the most effective solution. It also provides customers with alternative products when certifications aren't critical to the application.



7. Unique Website Navigation

Many different organizations have unique ways to help customers find the products they need and Sycor is no different. One of our unique methods uses the certifications UL, CSA and Mil-Spec in numerical order. Customers just have to find the CSA, UL, or Mil-Spec designation they need, all of which are in one easy to locate place. Being well organized and linking directly to the desired product page, this form of navigation is able to help experienced wiring experts find their products fast and effectively. 

In January 2019, the Sycor team launched a newly developed website with new everything, including ways to orders. One of these new additions included Sycor's "Quick RFQ". This page is unique as all other means of checkout involve physically finding the products, choosing the correct construction, and checking out. The Quick RFQ enables the customer to simply write out what they're looking for, rather than searching for it through different cabling categories. 



8. Blanket Orders (Annual Purchase Orders)

Blanket orders are a unique way for customers to save on purchasing costs but also improve on lead times. A 12-month blanket purchase order covers annual requirements. The materials are held exclusively for our customers and can usually be expedited for delivery within one business day. This gives our customers great flexibility in scheduling their production.

Sycor's Annual Purchase Blanket Orders


  • Cost certainty: product price remains fixed throughout the term.
  • Companies with minimal storage space can let us store for them.
  • Flexible shipping dates.
  • Placing one purchase order is more cost-effective than many purchase orders.
  • Blanket purchase orders for harnesses and assemblies eliminate lead times.



Sycor Technology has been around since 1981 and has developed a number of unique services that aren't typically offered anywhere else. By taking our business to the next level, the Sycor team has been able to consistently develop new ways to help customers increase their ROI, reduce labour time, and reduce human error. With the best machinery in the business and experienced industry experts, the Sycor team can help find a solution to your application, no matter how difficult. If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to one of our industry experts (


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