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Marine Cable

Marine Wire & Cable

  Marine Wire Application Example

Wire and cable are in many different aspects of society and have become an essential part of everything technological. This is true for simple electronics, tools, appliances and even automobiles. The marine cables are a unique category as they require extra care because the electronics often have to withstand a combination of salt vibration, engine oil, moisture, chemicals, continuous flexing, being submerged in water for periods of time and high-temperature environments.


Marine Wire and cable are unlike any other electrical product category as the applications are so unique. In a marine environment, "a high-quality cable" is determined by:

  • Marine Cables will have every individual strand Tinned in order to minimize the effect of corrosion.
  • Heavy duty or heavy walled, oil and water-resistant, high-grade PVC insulation.
  • Cable Management: Heat Shrink & Electrical tubing to protect connectors against salt erosion. 
  • Specific Stranding that helps maximize flexibility and minimize potential abrasion and insulation puncturing.
  • Tinned terminals with rugged nylon 2x crimped (helps stop vibration pressure at crimp).

Being subject to a variety of different environments makes marine cables one of the more difficult industries to find solutions for.



Marine cables must be able to perform consistently in wet and dry locations, which is why the Sycor team only supplies the most reliable marine wire and cable on the market. Our team makes sure to only use tinned copper conductors unless specifically requested as the marine


If you have any questions or concerns about automotive cable or specifically marine cable, feel free to reach (, and our experienced sales team will be more than happy to help you out.