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Round Multi-Conductor Marine Cable UL1426

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Round Multi-Conductor Marine Cable UL1426

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    Sycor Part No AWG# of ConductorsStrandingInsulation Thickness (In)Nom. O.D. (In)TempVoltage RatingUL StyleApprox Weight LBS./MFT
    B0C1602T 16226 X 300.0300.313105°C600VUL142649
    B0C1603T 16326 X 300.0300.333105°C600VUL142664
    B0C1604T 16426 X 300.0300.366105°C600VUL142680
    B0C1605T 16526 X 300.0300.399105°C600VUL142695
    B0C1606T 16626 X 300.0300.436105°C600VUL1426111
    B0C1402T 14241 X 300.0300.349105°C600VUL142666
    B0C1403T 14341 X 300.0300.393105°C600VUL142689
    B0C1404T 14441 X 300.0300.408105°C600VUL1426109
    B0C1405T 14541 X 300.0300.458105°C600VUL1426132
    B0C1406T 14641 X 300.0300.488105°C600VUL1426132
    B0C1202T 12265 X 300.0300.409105°C600VUL142698
    B0C1203T 12365 X 300.0300.434105°C600VUL1426128
    B0C1204T 12465 X 300.0300.476105°C600VUL1426160
    B0C1205T 12565 X 300.0300.523105°C600VUL1426191
    B0C1002T 102105 X 300.0300.467105°C600VUL1426138
    B0C1003T 103105 X 300.0300.497105°C600VUL1426184
    B0C1004T 104105 X 300.0300.555105°C600VUL1426232
    B0C1005T 105105 X 300.0300.616105°C600VUL1426496
    B0C0804T 84133 X 280.0450.768105°C600VUL1426386
    B0C0604T 64266 X 300.0600.975105°C600VUL1426700

    20 Items

    Set Descending Direction

    *Additional strandings and gauges available upon request. Please contact us to enquire.  

    Download Spec Sheet  

    Round Multi-Conductor Marine Cable UL1426 Stranded Cable  

    Description of Round Marine Cable UL1426: 

    The round multi-conductor marine cable UL1426 is rated for UL and CSA applications. With extra flexible tinned copper conductors and PVC insulation, this marine battery cable is flame-retardant and moisture, abrasion, acid and oil resistant.

    Approvals of Round Marine Cable UL1426:

    UL listed BC-5W2
    UL VW-1
    Meets ABYC, UL Coast Guard requirements

    Voltage Rating of Round Marine Cable UL1426:



    Construction of Round Marine Cable UL1426:

    Stranded class K tinned conductors     
    Polyvinyl chloride insulation

    Temperature Rating of Round Marine Cable UL1426:

    105°C – Dry
    75°C   - Wet


    Application Round Marine Cable UL1426:

    The round multi-conductor marine cable UL1426 is rated for UL applications, and its flexible round construction is perfect for installation around tight corners. With a highly reliable construction, this multi-conductor marine cable is perfect for marine DC and AC circuits.

    Colour options for Round Marine Cable UL1426:

    Grey Colour 8White Colour 9


    Value-Added Services for Round Marine Cable UL1426:

    Stripe VASCut & Strip VAS

    ROHS stand compliant


    All specifications are provided for reference only. Specifications will vary between manufacturers and are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check with your sales rep for the most accurate and up to date information when ordering.