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Stranded Bus Wire - Soft Drawn

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Stranded Bus Wire - Soft Drawn

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    Sycor Part No AWGStrandingNom. O.D. (In)Approx Weight LBS./MFTBreaking Strength LBS, Min.DC Resistance Ohms/1000ft at 20C
    A0A2907T-S 2970.01320.411
    A0A2807T-S 2870.01480.531
    A0A2707T-S 2770.01540.575
    A0A2607T-S 2670.01890.843
    A0A2507T-S 2570.02101.090
    A0A2407T-S 2470.02401.369
    A0A2307T-S 2370.02551.534
    A0A2207T-S 2270.03002.160
    A0A2107T-S 2170.03372.720
    A0A2007T-S 2070.03783.400
    A0A1907T-S 1970.04203.950
    A0A1807T-S 1870.04564.930
    A0A1607T-S 1670.05908.660
    A0A1507T-S 1570.06409.740
    A0A1407T-S 1470.072612.660
    A0A1307T-S 1370.079014.910
    A0A1207T-S 1270.091519.910
    A0A1107T-S 1170.098024.120
    A0A1007T-S 1070.13032.063141.019
    A0A0807T-S 870.146514991.019
    A0A0607T-S 670.18481.17940.6408
    A0A0407T-S 470.232128.913200.403
    A0A0307T-S 370.260162.516700.2534
    A0A0207T-S 270.292204.921100.201
    A0A0107T-S 170.328258.425520.1578
    A0A1/007T-S 1/070.368325.832210.1252
    A0A1/019T-S 1/0190.373325.832210.1002
    A0A2/007T-S 2/070.414410.940620.1002
    A0A2/019T-S 2/0190.418410.940240.07949
    A0A3/007T-S 3/070.464518.151180.7949
    A0A3/019T-S 3/0190.470518.150740.06304
    A0A4/007T-S 4/070.522653.364590.06304
    A0A4/019T-S 4/0190.528653.354530.04999
    A0A25019T-S 250 MCM190.574771.976270.04999
    A0A25037T-S 250 MCM370.575771.979400.04231
    A0A30019T-S 300 MCM190.628926.391600.04321
    A0A30037T-S 300 MCM370.630926.3-0.3256
    A0A35019T-S 350 MCM190.679108110680-
    A0A35037T-S 350 MCM370.6811081105800.03022
    A0A40019T-S 400 MCM190.7251235-0.03022
    A0A40037T-S 400 MCM370.7281235--
    A0A50037T-S 500 MCM370.814154415240-
    A0A60037T-S 600 MCM370.8911853183000.02116
    A0A75061T-S 750 MCM610.9982316228900.1763
    A0A100061T-S 1000 MCM611.1523088305000.1410
    A0A125061T-S 1250 MCM611.2933859363200.01058
    A0A125091T-S 1250 MCM911.2893859363200.008463
    A0A150061T-S 1500 MCM611.4114631435900.008463
    A0A150091T-S 1500 MCM911.4124631435900.007052

    49 Items

    Additional stranding and gauges available upon request. Please contact us to enquire. 
    *Replace T with B for a bare copper conductor.
    **Medium Drawn Bus Wire and Hard Drawn Bus Wire
    ***Solid Soft Drawn Bus Wire Available

    Download Spec Sheet!     

    Buss Wire Uninsulated Solid Soft DrawnBus Wire Uninsulated Solid Soft Drawn

    Description of Bus Wire - Soft Drawn

    The concentric-lay stranded copper conductor is available in hard drawn, soft drawn, or medium drawn constructions. The stranded bus wire is also available in tinned or bare copper conductors, for whatever your application may be.


    Construction of Bus Wire - Soft Drawn

    Stranded bare copper or tinned copper conductor
    Uninsulated soft drawn conductor

    Application of Bus Wire - Soft Drawn

    The stranded bus wire or bus bar is typically used in overhead electrical transmissions and for the distribution of electrical grounding systems. The bus wire is also used where electrical systems require high flexibility, high conductivity and are suitable for various demanding applications. 


    Approvals of Bus Wire - Soft Drawn

    ASTM B-3
    ASTM B-8

    Value-Added Services for Bus Wire:

    Resppol VASCut & Strip VASTin Dip VASTerminate VAS

    ROHS stand compliant


    All specifications are provided for reference only. Specifications will vary between manufacturers and are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check with your sales rep for the most accurate and up to date information when ordering.