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Nickel Plated Tubular Braid

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Nickel Plated Tubular Braid

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    Sycor Part No Braid Size AWGNom. Inside Dia. (In)TempApprox Weight LBS./MFTCircular Mil Area# of WiresStd per Carrier# of carriersAWG of Strand
    A0C24236NT 191/16400°C41,2004824236
    A0C24436NT 167/64400°C8.22,4009624436
    A0C24536NT 151/8400°C10.33,00012024536
    A0C24836NT 133/16400°C16.34,80019224836
    A0C24834NT 111/4400°C27.97,63219224834
    A0C48636NT 125/16400°C24.27,20028848636
    A0C48836NT 103/8400°C34.59,60038448836
    A0C48634NT 107/16400°C39.311,43428848634
    A0C481136NT 91/2400°C47.713,200528481136
    A0C481536NT 85/8400°C59.418,000720481536
    A0C481836NT 73/4400°C73.521,600864481836
    A0C481032NT 57/8400°C10030,720480481032
    A0C48830NT 41400°C13538,40038448830
    A0C481130NT 31-3/8400°C18052,800528481130
    A0C481230NT 31-1/2400°C19557,600576481230
    A0C481430NT 21-7/8400°C22567,200672481430
    A0C481630NT 12-1/4400°C25576,800768481630

    17 Items

    Additional configurations may be available upon request. Please contact us to enquire.
    You may also be interested in tin-plated tubular braid or silver-plated tubular braid.

    Download Spec Sheet 

    Nickel Plated Tubular Braid

    Description of Nickel Tubular Braid:

    Nickel tubular braided wire with nickel-plated copper may be used when exposed to very high temperatures or where corrosion resistance is necessary. It comes in a variety of widths and constructions and is most often used for wire protection against physical damage or to shield wires from signal interference.

    Construction of Nickel Tubular Braid:

    Uninsulated, soft drawn solid nickel
    plated copper conductors are woven or
    braided into a tubular configuration.


    Approvals of Nickel Tubular Braid:

    (Supercedes QQ-B 575)
    Copper Strand(s) meet(s) ASTM B3 (Bare), B33(Tinned)

    Application of Nickel Tubular Braid:

    The Nickel-plated tubular braid may be used for flexible ground connections, wire shielding with temperatures exceeding 400°C, and for additional corrosion resistance. The tubular nickel electrical braid has extremely high-heat resistance and is reliable in demanding environments for long periods of time.  

    Value-Added Services for Nickel Tubular Braid:

    Resppol VASCut & Strip VASTin Dip VASTerminate VASGround Strap VAS

    ROHS stand compliant


    All specifications are provided for reference only. Specifications will vary between manufacturers and are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check with your sales rep for the most accurate and up to date information when ordering.