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    Sycor Part No AWGStrandingInsulation Thickness (In)Nom. O.D. (In)TempVoltage RatingCSA StyleApprox Weight LBS./MFTAmpacity (dry)
    A5K1407 147.060.19-40°C to 90°C1000CSA RWU902320
    A5K1207 127.060.21-40°C to 90°C1000CSA RWU903225
    A5K0807 87.080.31-40°C to 90°C1000CSA RWU907670
    A5K0607 67.080.35-40°C to 90°C1000CSA RWU90110100
    A5K0407 47.080.39-40°C to 90°C1000CSA RWU90145135
    A5K0307 37.080.42-40°C to 90°C1000CSA RWU90201135
    A5K0207 27.080.45-40°C to 90°C1000CSA RWU90247180
    A5K0119 119.095.52-40°C to 90°C1000CSA RWU90313210
    A5K1/019 1/019.095.55-40°C to 90°C1000CSA RWU90386245
    A5K2/019 1/019.095.60-40°C to 90°C1000CSA RWU90478285
    A5K3/019 3/019.095.65-40°C to 90°C1000CSA RWU90592330
    A5K4/019 4/019.095.71-40°C to 90°C1000CSA RWU90736385
    A5K25037 25037.110.79-40°C to 90°C1000CSA RWU90875425
    A5K30037 30037.110.84-40°C to 90°C1000CSA RWU901038480
    A5K35037 35037.110.89-40°C to 90°C1000CSA RWU901201530
    A5K40037 40037.110.94-40°C to 90°C1000CSA RWU901362575
    A5K50037 500371.101.02-40°C to 90°C1000CSA RWU901685660
    A5K60061 600611.251.13-40°C to 90°C1000CSA RWU902024740
    A5K75061 750611.251.23-40°C to 90°C1000CSA RWU902505845
    A5K100061 1000611.251.38-40°C to 90°C1000CSA RWU9033041000

    20 Items

    per page
    Set Descending Direction
    Additional strandings and gauges available upon request. Please contact us to enquire.
    Replace suffix “B” with “A” for aluminum conductor.

    Description - CSA RWU90:

    RWU90 consists of a single, soft-drawn copper conductor, with the extra thickness of a low-temperature, moisture resistant cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation. RWU90 can be used for direct-burial purposes with protection as approved by an inspecting authority. RWU90 can also be used for service entrances above or below ground.  RWU90 has a maximum operating voltage of 1kV and its temperature range is -40°C to 90°C. While its standard black jacket is sunlight-resistant, RWU90 in coloured insulations are not. 

    Approvals - CSA RWU90:

    CSA Type TV – 20
    UL Style 3239 VW-1

    Construction - CSA RWU90:

    Stranded tinned overcoated copper conductors Irradiated cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE) insulation.

    Temperature Rating - CSA RWU90:


    Voltage Rating - CSA RWU90:

    20,000 Volts DC

    Application - CSA RWU90:

    This electronic high voltage wire is suited for application as internal wiring in television receivers, and other electronic equipment. Resists corona and is very reliable in high voltage applications.

    Optional Constructions

    HV-SR – silicone rubber jacket HV-HDPE+XLPE – High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) insulation and a white cross-linked polyethylene XLPE jacket.

    Colour options available for - CSA RWU90:

    Black Colour 0Brown Colour 1Red Colour 2Orange Colour 3Yellow Colour 4Green Colour 5Blue Colour 6Violet Colour 7Grey Colour 8White Colour 9

    Value-Added Services available for - CSA RWU90:

    Resppol VASStripe VASPrint VASCut & Strip VASTin Dip VASTerminate VAS

    All specifications are provided for reference only. Specifications will vary between manufacturers and are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check with your sales rep for the most accurate and up to date information when ordering.