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PVC Heat Shrink - 2:1

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PVC Heat Shrink - 2:1

Download Spec Sheet                                                   More info!

    Sycor Part No Min. I.D Expanded As SuppliedRecovered Wall NOMRecovered Wall Thickness MaxTempVoltage RatingUL Style
    T0G/T0H.046 0.0460.0200.023-35°C to 105°C600224
    T0G/T0H.062 0.0630.0200.032-35°C to 105°C600224
    T0G/T0H.093 0.0930.0250.046-35°C to 105°C600224
    T0G/T0H.125 0.1250.0250.063-35°C to 105°C600224
    T0G/T0H.187 0.1870.0250.093-35°C to 105°C600224
    T0G/T0H.250 0.2500.0250.125-35°C to 105°C600224
    T0G/T0H.312 0.3120.0280.157-35°C to 105°C600224
    T0G/T0H.375 0.3750.0280.187-35°C to 105°C600224
    T0G/T0H.500 0.5000.0280.250-35°C to 105°C600224
    T0G/T0H.625 0.6250.0330.313-35°C to 105°C600224
    T0G/T0H.750 0.7500.0330.375-35°C to 105°C600224
    T0G/T0H1.00 1.0000.0380.500-35°C to 105°C600224
    T0G/T0H1.25 1.2500.0410.625-35°C to 105°C600224
    T0G/T0H1.50 1.5000.0430.750-35°C to 105°C600224
    T0G/T0H2.00 2.000.0481.000-35°C to 105°C600224
    T0G/T0H2.50 2.500.0581.250-35°C to 105°C600224
    T0G/T0H3.00 3.000.0681.500-35°C to 105°C600224
    T0G/T0H4.00 4.000.0732.000-35°C to 105°C600224

    18 Items

    per page
    Set Descending Direction
    Available in various spool lengths or sticks.
    Heavy wall and Irradiated (cross-linked) options available. 
    Please contact us to enquire.

    Download Spec Sheet   

    PVC Heat Shrink, 2:1  

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    Description of PVC Heat Shrink:

    Sycor’s high-quality PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) heat shrinkable tubing provides chemical resistant insulating protection, identification, wire bundling and other wire management.  PVC is 30% stronger than polyolefin, lightweight and flexible for ease of application. UV additives make it a good choice for outdoor use.


    Approvals of PVC Heat Shrink:

    UL 224 VW-1
    CSA Approved
    MIL-I-23053/2 Class 1+2
    (many products are dual/tri-rated)


    Construction of PVC Heat Shrink:

    Polyvinyl Chloride Tubing

    Temperature Rating of PVC Heat Shrink:

    -35°C to 105°C
    Shrink at: 100°C


    Voltage Rating of PVC Heat Shrink:

    CSA/UL 600 Volts


    Application of PVC Heat Shrink:

    Cost-effective choice for general purpose applications such as electrical insulation; protection of in-line components, terminals or splices; strain relief; flexible light jacket for wire bundles, or harnesses.


    Shrink Ratio of PVC Heat Shrink:


    Colour options available for PVC Heat Shrink:

    Black Colour 0White Colour 9*Clear Colour Code


    Value-Added Services available for PVC Heat Shrink:

    Cut & Strip VAS

    ROHS stand compliant

    All specifications are provided for reference only. Specifications will vary between manufacturers and are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check with your sales rep for the most accurate and up to date information when ordering.