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Lacing Cord & Tape

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Lacing Cord & Tape

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    Sycor Part No MIL AreaSizeTempFinishBreaking Strength LBS, Min.Width Min. (mm)Width Max (mm)Thickness Min. (mm)Thickness Max (mm)
    A-A-52080-A-1 520801-73°C to 177°CA, B, C, G, E1354575593348
    A-A-52080-A-2 520802-73°C to 177°CA, B, C, G, E802513073046
    A-A-52080-A-3 520803-73°C to 177°CA, B, C, G, E501962392843
    A-A-52080-A-4 520804-73°C to 177°CA, B, C, G, E251371682338
    A-A-52080-A-5 520805-73°C to 177°CA, B, C, G, E151141401535
    A-A-52080-A-6 520806-73°C to 177°CA, B, C, 201421731328
    A-A-52080-A-7 520807-73°C to 177°CA, B, C, 47489138
    A-A-52081-A-1 520811-73°C to 177°CA, B, C, E, G, (CX)1354575593348
    A-A-52081-A-2 520812-73°C to 177°CA, B, C, E, G, (CX)802513073046
    A-A-52081-A-3 520813-73°C to 177°CA, B, C, E, G, (CX)501962392843
    A-A-52081-A-4 520814-73°C to 177°CA, B, C, E, G, (CX)251371682338
    A-A-52081-A-5 520815-73°C to 177°CA, B, C, E, G, (CX)151141401535
    A-A-52081-A-6 520816-73°C to 177°CA, B, C, E, G, (CX)121091351025
    A-A-52081-A-7 520817-73°C to 177°CA, B, C, E, (CX)47489138

    14 Items

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    **Change the second last character to the type of finish required.
    Example A-A-52081-A-7   for” A” finish      or       A-A-52081-B-7  for “B” finish

    Download Spec Sheet     

    Description - Lacing Cord & Tape:

    Lacing cord is used for bundling wire and harnesses, most popularly in telecommunications, military, and aerospace applications.  Sometimes regarded as an art, tying lacing cords can appear tricky at first, but the finished bundles look rather impressive and especially tidy.  Also, unlike cable ties and Velcro straps, lacing cords do not add any obstructions along the length of the cable. 

    Lacing tape performs the same function as lacing cord, but is a more modern product made of advanced materials, like nylon, polyester, Teflon, fiberglass, and Nomex.  Lacing tape is also flat in construction, whereas lacing cords are round.  Durable and versatile, lacing tape can be used for anything from bundling a few small gauge wires to managing a mess of heavy gauge power cords.


    Construction - Lacing Cord & Tape:

    Nylon, Polyester, Teflon®, Fiberglass  and Nomex


    A -   No finish
    B -   Microcrystalline Wax
    C -   Synthetic Rubber or Elastomer
    E -   Vinyl
    G -   Liquid Nylon
    CX - Self Extinguishing

    Application - Lacing Cord & Tape:

    The wide variety of tape materials and sizes provides differing breaking strengths ranging from 15 to 80 lbs making this product perfect for applications demanding high strength and strong resistance.


    Temperature Rating - Lacing Cord & Tape:

    Nylon: -55°C to 121°C
    Polyester: -73°C to 177°C


    Approvals - Lacing Cord & Tape:

    Nylon: A-A-52080
    (Formerly Mil-T-43435 Type I)
    Polyester: A-A-52081
    (Formerly Mil-T-43435 Type II)

    Colour options available for - Lacing Cord & Tape:  

    Black Colour 0


    Value-Added Services available for - Lacing Cord & Tape:

    None offered

    ROHS stand compliant


    All specifications are provided for reference only. Specifications will vary between manufacturers and are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check with your sales rep for the most accurate and up to date information when ordering.