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Zipper Tubing (Resealable)

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Zipper Tubing (Resealable)

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    Sycor Part No MaterialNom. Overall O.D. (In)LengthTempVoltage RatingUL StyleShape of InstallationClosurecolor
    Z wrap (PVL) PVL-10 (Double PSA)0.375 to 8.0Custom Length10°C to 74°C600 or 700224Flat, RoundAdhesive Black, Blue, Gray, Red, White, Yellow
    Zip on 63-10 63-20 0.375 to 4.0Custom Length-20°C to 105°C600 or 700224Flat , Round, RectangleR - Track Z - TrackBlack
    Zip-Wrap Polyester (PET)0.5 to 6.0Custom Length-40°C to 82°C600 or 700224Round10 or 5 mm Nylon ZipperBlack
    Snap Grip Snap Grip Material0.375 to 4.050, 100, 164 ft. roll or Custom length-40°C to 82°C600 or 700224RoundNylon SnapsGrey
    Hook it PVC Impregnated PET0.5 to 4.082 ft.roll-15°C to 60°C600 or 700224RoundPolyester Hook-N-LoopGrey
    Z coil Polyester (PET)0.5 to 1.040ft. Roll-50°C to 150°C600 or 700224NASelf-Closing Black

    6 Items

    Set Descending Direction

    Available in various spool lengths 

    Download Spec Sheet


    Description of Zipper Tubing:

    Zipper tubing is a simple product to use and install.  As its name implies, a zipper runs alongside the tubing and allows for it to be completely opened up. This makes it incredibly quick and easy to add or remove internal components to or from the tubing.  Zipper tubing offers protection and guidance for your wire and cable bundles.  It is also available in numerous sizes and materials, including PVC, polyurethane, and zero-halogen options.


    Temperature Rating of Zipper Tubing:

    Varies by material


    Construction of Zipper Tubing:

    Polyvinyl Chloride non-shrinkable tubing
    *May vary depending on tubing type.
    *Reference chart for more details.


    Approvals of Zipper Tubing:

    UL224, VW-1

    Application of Zipper Tubing:

    Sycor’s flexible rubber zipper tubing is designed for general-purpose tubing applications as it’s easy to uninstall and re-install in different settings. Zipper tubing comes in either flat, rectangle, or round tubing constructions, which are strong solutions for both wire harness fabrication, as well as outdoor retrofit applications. These tubing options can be replaced without needing to remove any cabling connections currently in place, as most zipper tubing is easily removable.


    Voltage Rating of  Zipper Tubing:

    600/700 Volts

    Colour options for Zipper Tubing: 

    Black Colour 0Grey Colour 8


    Value-Added Services for Zipper Tubing:

    Cut & Strip VAS

    ROHS stand compliant


    All specifications are provided for reference only. Specifications will vary between manufacturers and are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check with your sales rep for the most accurate and up to date information when ordering.