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Silicone Tubing

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Silicone Tubing

    Sycor Part No Nom. O.D. (In)NOM WallHardnessTemp
    T2C .02" to 2".015 to 3/825-75 Shore A-60℃ to +280℃

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    Available in various spool lengths

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    Silicone Tubing

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    Description of Silicone Tubing:

    Sycor Technology distributes silicone tubing for general purpose usage. Silicone tubing is also widely used in medical/surgical fields and the food industry because of its resistance to chemicals, non-toxicity and for its flexibility at high and low working temperatures.  Silicone tubing has excellent dielectric strength, low smoke and flammability and is UV resistant too. Silicone tubing can be made to order.


    Approvals of Silicone Tubing:

    NSF 51
    FDA 21
    Various UL, CSA, Military, commercial & industrial specs.


    Construction of Silicone Tubing:

    Silicone rubber thermoset tubular extrusion

    Temperature Rating of Silicone Tubing:

    -60℃ to +280℃
    *depending on construction and application


    Application of Silicone Tubing:

    General purpose tubing for fluid transfer, vacuum line or protection of inline components and wire where exposure to chemicals and or extreme temperatures is a concern.  Used in a variety of commercial and industrial fields. Eg. Cooking appliances, automotive parts, air pumps, paint equipment.


    Voltage Rating of Silicone Tubing:

    Not Specified

    Colour options available for Silicone Tubing:  

    Black Colour 0Brown Colour 1Red Colour 2Orange Colour 3Yellow Colour 4Green Colour 5Blue Colour 6Violet Colour 7Grey Colour 8White Colour 9Red Iron Oxide Colour Code


    Value-Added Services available for Silicone Tubing:

    Cut & Strip VAS

    ROHS stand compliant


    All specifications are provided for reference only. Specifications will vary between manufacturers and are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check with your sales rep for the most accurate and up to date information when ordering.