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PVC Fiberglass Sleeving (Class B 130°C)

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PVC Fiberglass Sleeving (Class B 130°C)

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    Sycor Part No GradesMaterialExp. I.DNom. Inside Dia. (In)TempVoltage Rating
    T1BA.325 A, B, CFiberglass PVC0.3470.32520°C to +130°CA-7000V, B-4000V, C-2500V
    T1BA.500 A, B, CFiberglass PVC0.5240.50020°C to +130°CA-7000V, B-4000V, C-2500V
    T1BA.102 A, B, CFiberglass PVC0.1120.10220°C to +130°CA-7000V, B-4000V, C-2500V
    T1BA.081 A, B, CFiberglass PVC0.0910.08120°C to +130°CA-7000V, B-4000V, C-2500V
    T1BA.064 A, B, CFiberglass PVC0.0740.06420°C to +130°CA-7000V, B-4000V, C-2500V
    T1BA.051 A, B, CFiberglass PVC0.0610.05120°C to +130°CA-7000V, B-4000V, C-2500V
    T1BA.040 A, B, CFiberglass PVC0.0490.04020°C to +130°CA-7000V, B-4000V, C-2500V
    T1BA1.00 A, B, CFiberglass PVC1.0361.0020°C to +130°CA-7000V, B-4000V, C-2500V
    T1BA.258 A, B, CFiberglass PVC0.2780.25820°C to +130°CA-7000V, B-4000V, C-2500V
    T1BA.032 A, B, CFiberglass PVC0.0390.03220°C to +130°CA-7000V, B-4000V, C-2500V
    T1BA.750 A, B, CFiberglass PVC0.7860.75020°C to +130°CA-7000V, B-4000V, C-2500V
    T1BA.375 A, B, CFiberglass PVC0.3990.37520°C to +130°CA-7000V, B-4000V, C-2500V
    T1BA.204 A, B, CFiberglass PVC0.2240.20420°C to +130°CA-7000V, B-4000V, C-2500V
    T1BA.625 A, B, CFiberglass PVC0.6550.62520°C to +130°CA-7000V, B-4000V, C-2500V
    T1BA.162 A, B, CFiberglass PVC0.1780.16220°C to +130°CA-7000V, B-4000V, C-2500V
    T1BA.438 A, B, CFiberglass PVC0.4620.43820°C to +130°CA-7000V, B-4000V, C-2500V
    T1BA.875 A, B, CFiberglass PVC0.4620.87520°C to +130°CA-7000V, B-4000V, C-2500V
    T1BA.129 A, B, CFiberglass PVC0.1410.12920°C to +130°CA-7000V, B-4000V, C-2500V

    18 Items

    per page
    Set Descending Direction

    Replace A in part number above with B for optional grade
    Available in various spool lengths

    Download Spec Sheet  

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    Description - PVC Fiberglass Sleeving:

    Sycor’s PVC Fibreglass sleeving is designed to fit over wires and have excellent dielectric values and high cut through resistance. It is generally used whenever wires or cables require added protection to survive in harsh environments, especially at high temperatures. PVC Fiberglass also has excellent operation at continuous high temperature with very good heat resistance and stability.


    Construction - PVC Fiberglass Sleeving:

    (PVC) Polyvinyl Chloride coated braided
    Fiberglass tubular sleeve


    Temperature Rating - PVC Fiberglass Sleeving:

    Class B: -20°C to +130°C

    Application - PVC Fiberglass Sleeving:

    Sycor’s PVC sleeving is a strong choice of fiberglass because of how its insulation is able to protect transformers, different kinds of generators, terminations and even difficult motors. The PVC coating makes this sleeving functional at low and high temperatures and effective for indoor and outdoor use.


    Voltage Rating - PVC Fiberglass Sleeving:

    Grade:    A - 7000V
                   B - 4000V
                   C - 2500V


    Approvals - PVC Fiberglass Sleeving:

    NEMA  & Military Spec.’s
    CSA & UL Approved           

    Colour options available for this product:  

    Black Colour 0


    Value-Added Services available for this product:

    Cut & Strip VAS

    ROHS stand compliant


    All specifications are provided for reference only. Specifications will vary between manufacturers and are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check with your sales rep for the most accurate and up to date information when ordering.