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Teflon-FEP Heat Shrink Tubing – 1.3:1 & 1.7:1

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Teflon-FEP Heat Shrink Tubing – 1.3:1 & 1.7:1

    Sycor Part No AWGMin. I.D Expanded As SuppliedI.D. Will Shrink to at leastRecovered Wall Thickness Min.Recovered Wall NOMRecovered Wall Thickness MaxTempVoltage RatingUL Stlye
    T0P24 240.0310.0270.0060.0080.010-240°C to + 205°C2000224
    T0P22 220.0360.0320.0060.0080.010-240°C to + 205°C2000224
    T0P20 200.0450.0390.0060.0080.010-240°C to + 205°C2000224
    T0P18 180.0600.0490.0060.0080.010-240°C to + 205°C2000224
    T0P16 160.0750.0610.0070.0090.011-240°C to + 205°C2000224
    T0P14 140.0920.0720.0070.0090.011-240°C to + 205°C2000224
    T0P12 120.1150.0890.0070.0090.011-240°C to + 205°C2000224
    T0P10 100.1410.1140.0070.0100.013-240°C to + 205°C2000224
    T0P09 90.1580.1240.0070.0100.013-240°C to + 205°C2000224
    T0P08 80.1800.1430.0070.0100.013-240°C to + 205°C2000224
    T0P07 70.1970.1580.0070.0110.015-240°C to + 205°C2000224
    T0P06 60.2250.1800.0070.0110.015-240°C to + 205°C2000224
    T0P05 50.2480.1980.0070.0110.015-240°C to + 205°C2000224
    T0P04 40.2900.2260.0070.0110.015-240°C to + 205°C2000224
    T0P03 30.3100.2490.0070.0110.015-240°C to + 205°C2000224
    T0P02 20.3650.2800.0080.0120.016-240°C to + 205°C2000224
    T0P01 10.4000.3110.0080.0120.016-240°C to + 205°C2000224
    T0P00 0 0.4400.3490.0080.0120.016-240°C to + 205°C2000224
    T0P.375 3/80.5000.3830.0110.0150.019-240°C to + 205°C2000224
    T0P.437 7/160.5800.4480.0160.0200.024-240°C to + 205°C2000224
    T0P.500 1/20.6660.5100.0160.0200.024-240°C to + 205°C2000224
    T0P.625 5/80.8300.6370.0210.0250.029-240°C to + 205°C2000224
    T0P.750 3/41.000.7640.0260.0300.034-240°C to + 205°C2000224
    T0P.875 7/81.170.8910.0310.0350.039-240°C to + 205°C2000224
    T0P1.00 11.331.020.0310.0350.039-240°C to + 205°C2000224
    T0P1.12 1-1/81.5001.1450.0310.0350.039-240°C to + 205°C2000224
    T0P1.25 1-1/41.6661.2700.0310.0350.039-240°C to + 205°C2000224
    T0P1.37 1 -3/81.8331.3900.0310.0350.039-240°C to + 205°C2000224
    T0P1.50 1-1/22.001.570.0310.0350.039-240°C to + 205°C2000224

    29 Items

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    Available in various spool lengths or sticks
    Higher shrink ratio of 1.7:1 also available. Please contact us to enquire.

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    Sycor’s high quality Teflon© (FEP) heat shrinkable tubing provides insulating, mechanical and chemical protection. This type of heatshrink offers a lower cost solution where high shrink ratios are not required and shrinks at a lower temperature than other materials. Clear FEP remains clear after shrinkage to allow inner components to be seen.


    SAE-AMS-DTL-23053/11 CLI
    UL 224


    Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) tubing

    Temperature Rating

    -240°C to + 205°C
    Shrinks at: 200°C


    Voltage Rating

    2000 Volts


    FEP is a cost effective choice for applications in aerospace, fibre optics, medical and automotive industries for electrical insulation; mechanical, chemical and other environmental protection of in-line components, terminals or splices. FEP offers greater flexibility and clarity at lower shrink temperatures.


    Shrink Ratios

    1.7:1 (Optional)

    Colour options available for this product:  

    Black Colour 0

    Value-Added Services available for this product:

    Cut & Strip VAS

    All specifications are provided for reference only. Specifications will vary between manufacturers and are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check with your sales rep for the most accurate and up to date information when ordering.