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Clearance Wire & Cable

Since 1981 Sycor Technology has been manufacturing, purchasing and distributing wire to a number of industries. In that time Sycor has built up a vast inventory for a number of popular products, although Sycor currently only has TEW Bare Copper and TEW Tinned Copper available for clearance prices.

Our goal with the implementation of this new page is to provide our customers with fast lead times and a moderate price reduction. Our popular product list will also have additional information on the current in-stock products.


For example, these pages consist of:

  • The type of Cable (TEW, M16878, TR64)
  • Gauges available (2-24)
  • Stranding
  • Quantity Available (Meters)
  • Colours in Stock


Benefits with Ordering Sycor's Clearance Products:

Fast Lead Times
Knowing the exact quantity available in the exact construction all we have to do is ship your desired cable.


Reduced Price
Sycor's clearance stock will be sold at clearance prices. What that means is unlike our competitors who sell at the current market price, Sycor's clearance section will be sold at significantly less.


More information
With a well-organized warehouse and database, Sycor's able to provide more information to our customers during their RFQ's.


We hope this new section helps customers get RFQ's and orders as fast and painlessly as possible, while freeing up stock space for future orders. Check out Sycors new clearance TEW!

Twisting Wire