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MGT Wire – UL5107, UL5128 450°C

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MGT Wire – UL5107, UL5128 450°C

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    Sycor Part No AWGStrandingNom. O.D. (In)TempVoltage RatingCSA StyleUL StyleApprox Weight LBS./MFT
    A1M3V2407 2470.072450°C300VCSA AWM I A/BUL5128, UL53343.80
    A1M3V2207 2270.082450°C300VCSA AWM I A/BUL5128, UL53345.33
    A1M3V2010 20100.087450°C300VCSA AWM I A/BUL5128, UL53346.50
    A1M3V1816 18160.095450°C300VCSA AWM I A/BUL5128, UL53348.75
    A1M3V1626 16260.107450°C300VCSA AWM I A/BUL5128, UL533412.37
    A1M3V1441 14410.121450°C300VCSA AWM I A/BUL5128, UL533417.41
    A1M3V1265 12650.140450°C300VCSA AWM I A/BUL5128, UL533425.53
    A1M3V10105 101050.189450°C300VCSA AWM I A/BUL5128, UL533446.80
    A1M2207 2270.101450°C600VCSA AWM I A/BUL5107, UL53357.10
    A1M2010 20100.106450°C600VCSA AWM I A/BUL5107, UL53358.35
    A1M1816 18160.115450°C600VCSA AWM I A/BUL5107, UL533510.77
    A1M1626 16260.127450°C600VCSA AWM I A/BUL5107, UL533514.55
    A1M1441 14410.140450°C600VCSA AWM I A/BUL5107, UL533520.73
    A1M1265 12650.160450°C600VCSA AWM I A/BUL5107, UL533529.37
    A1M10105 101050.212450°C600VCSA AWM I A/BUL5107, UL533550.42
    A1M08133 81330.262450°C600VCSA AWM I A/BUL5107, UL533574.29
    A1M06133 61330.313450°C600VCSA AWM I A/BUL5107, UL5335113.64
    A1M04133 41330.368450°C600VCSA AWM I A/BUL5107, UL5335167.42
    A1M02133 21330.446450°C600VCSA AWM I A/BUL5107, UL5335267.02

    19 Items

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    Description of MGT Wire, UL5107, UL5128:

    Sycor’s MGT Wire UL5107, UL5128 is flexible and has a high resistance to flame, heat and abrasion. MGT wire is a strong solution for extreme temperature cabling needs because of its consistent strength, high level of flexibility and versatility in difficult high-temperature applications.


    Construction of MGT Wire, UL5107, UL5128:

    Stranded Nickel Plated Copper Conductor Insulation: glass-reinforced mica tapes or mica composite
    Overall Braided Fiberglass Jacket treated with saturant


    Voltage Rating of MGT Wire, UL5107, UL5128:

    UL5128: 300 Volts
    UL5107: 600 volts

    Application of MGT Wire, UL5107, UL5128:

    Sycor’s MGT Wire UL5107, UL5128 may be used for applications where consistent extreme temperatures are essential such as iron mills, steel mills, glass plants and cement kilns. The MGT wire also is protected from mechanical damage during handling, installation and servicing.


    Temperature Rating of MGT Wire, UL5107, UL5128:



    Approvals of MGT Wire, UL5107, UL5128:

    UL5128 / UL5107 VW-1
    NEMA WC 73-2000

    Colour options for MGT Wire, UL5107, UL5128:

    Tan Colour 11Natural Colour NAT

    Value-Added Services for MGT Wire, UL5107, UL5128:

    Resppol VAS

    ROHS stand compliant


    All specifications are provided for reference only. Specifications will vary between manufacturers and are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check with your sales rep for the most accurate and up to date information when ordering.