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SGI- High Voltage Ignition 250°C

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SGI- High Voltage Ignition 250°C

    Sycor Part No AWGStrandingInsulation Thickness (In)Nom. O.D. (In)TempVoltage RatingUL StlyeApprox Weight LBS./MFT
    SGI2207-N 2275/640.190250°C600325717.56
    SGI2007-N 2075/640.196250°C600325719.70
    SGI1819-N 18195/640.204250°C600325722.35
    SGI1626-N 16265/640.216250°C600325727.12
    SGI1441-N 14415/640.231250°C600325733.82
    SGI1235-N 12655/640.252250°C600325744.38
    SGID2207-N 2277/640.254250°C600325730.04
    SGID2007-N 2077/640.260250°C600325732.22
    SGID1819-N 18197/640.268250°C600325735.62
    SGID1626-N 16267/640.280250°C600325741.06
    SGID1441-N 14417/640.295250°C600325748.61
    SGID1265-N 12657/640.314250°C600325759.95

    12 Items

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    Sycor’s SGI high temperature gas ignition wire has a thick silicone extruded insulation. Available in either 5/64 or 7/64 wall thicknesses, SGI wire is flexible but also very resistant to UV, ozone, radiation, heat, moisture and chemicals.


    Stranded nickel-plated copper
    Extruded silicone rubber insulation


    Voltage Rating

    600 Volts


    Sycor’s SGI high temperature silicone ignition may be used for internal wiring in gas-fired heaters and furnaces, oil burners, infrared fixtures, stoves, dryers, test equipment, cooking equipment etc. SGI high temperature wire has superior protection from damage during handling, installation, and servicing.


    Temperature Rating



    NEMA WC-3
    UL 3257

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