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SRML-K Braided Silicone Rubber Motor Lead, UL3231, UL3410, 200°C

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SRML-K Braided Silicone Rubber Motor Lead, UL3231, UL3410, 200°C

    Sycor Part No AWGStrandingBend RadiusNom. O.D. (In)TempVoltage RatingUL StyleApprox Weight LBS./MFT
    SRML-K1626 16261.430.179200°C600UL3410, UL323120
    SRML-K1441 14411.550.194200°C600UL3410, UL323126
    SRML-K1265 12651.690.211200°C600UL3410, UL323136
    SRML-K10105 101051.870.234200°C600UL3410, UL323150
    SRML-K08133 81332.600.325200°C600UL3410, UL3231109
    SRML-K06133 61332.970.371200°C600UL3410, UL3231150
    SRML-K1407 1471.560.195200°C600UL3410, UL323126
    SRML-K1219 12191.700.212200°C600UL3410, UL323136
    SRML-K1019 10191.880.235200°C600UL3410, UL323150
    SRML-K0861 8612.450.306200°C600UL3410, UL3231106
    SRML-K0684 6843.020.377200°C600UL3410, UL3231151
    SRML-K04133 41333.290.411200°C600UL3410, UL3231196
    SRML-K02259 22593.810.476200°C600UL3410, UL3231281
    SRML-K01259 12594.380.547200°C600UL3410, UL3231357
    SRML-K1.0259 1/02594.880.610200°C600UL3410, UL3231446
    SRML-K2.0259 2/02595.250.656200°C600UL3410, UL3231539
    SRML-K3.0259 3/02595.620.703200°C600UL3410, UL3231653
    SRML-K4.0259 4/02596.100.763200°C600UL3410, UL3231797
    SRML-K250427 250 MCM4276.900.862200°C600UL3410, UL3231957
    SRML-K350427 350 MCM4277.780.972200°C600UL3410, UL32311283
    SRML-K500427 500 MCM4278.801.100200°C600UL3410, UL32311733
    SRML-K750703 750 MCM70310.981.372200°C600UL3410, UL32312711

    22 Items

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    Description of SRML-K, UL3231, UL3410:

    Sycor’s SRML-K is a high-temperature wire with braided aramid fiber over silicone insulation known for its superior mechanical protection against cut-through, impact and abrasion. Aramid fiber such as Kevlar® also has great thermal stability and resistance to flame and fatigue.


    Construction of SRML-K, UL3231, UL3410:

    Stranded tinned copper
    Extruded Silicone Rubber
    Braided aramid fiber with a moisture, heat, and flame resistant finish


    Voltage Rating of SRML-K, UL3231, UL3410:

    600 Volts

    Application of SRML-K, UL3231, UL3410:

    Sycor’s SRML-K high-temperature wire as the name suggests excels as motor lead wire in hazardous conditions. SRML-K is effective in domestic, commercial and industrial heating applications and as a lead wire for electrical equipment where environmental exposure to heat and abrasion are a concern.


    Temperature Rating of SRML-K, UL3231, UL3410:

    UL3410 150°C
    UL 3410/3231 200°C


    Approvals of SRML-K, UL3231, UL3410:

    NEMA WC-3
    UL3231, UL3410 VW-1

    Colour options available for SRML-K, UL3231, UL3410:

    Black Colour 0


    Value-Added Services available for SRML-K, UL3231, UL3410:

    Resppol VAS

    All specifications are provided for reference only. Specifications will vary between manufacturers and are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check with your sales rep for the most accurate and up to date information when ordering.