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Harmonized European H07V-R - 80°C 500V

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Harmonized European H07V-R - 80°C 500V

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    Sycor Part No AWGStrandingNom. O.D. (In)TempVoltage RatingUL StyleApprox Weight LBS./MFT
    H07V-R06B 670.30770°C-Flex, 80°C-Static450/750UL1015, UL1063117
    H07V-R04B 470.38270°C-Flex, 80°C-Static450/750UL1015, UL1063184
    H07V-R02B 270.42970°C-Flex, 80°C-Static450/750UL1015, UL1063248
    H07V-R01B 1190.50470°C-Flex, 80°C-Static450/750UL1015, UL1063335
    H07V-R2/0B 2/0190.57570°C-Flex, 80°C-Static450/750UL1015, UL1063476
    H07V-R3/0B 3/0190.67370°C-Flex, 80°C-Static450/750UL1015, UL1063651
    H07V-R4/0B 4/0370.74070°C-Flex, 80°C-Static450/750UL1015, UL1063805
    H07V-R300B 300370.82370°C-Flex, 80°C-Static450/750UL1015, UL1063986
    H07V-R350B 350370.91770°C-Flex, 80°C-Static450/750UL1015, UL10631245
    H07V-R500B 500611.05070°C-Flex, 80°C-Static450/750UL1015, UL10631612

    10 Items

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    Additional AWG sizes are available.

    Download Spec Sheet         

    Stranded Harmonized European H07V-R Hook-Up Wire

    Description of H07V-R:

    The H07V-R is similar to H07V-K harmonized lead wires, which consist of single-stranded bare copper conductors, with PVC insulation. H07V-R has a lesser strand count (Class2) than H07V-K. The H07V-R has the same nominal voltage of 450/750V, and boasts temperature ranges from -30°C to +80°C in fixed applications, while being rated for -5°C to +70°C in flexing applications.  H07V-R is also flame retardant and self-extinguishing.  As with all harmonized wires, H07V-r is intended for use in electronics and electronic equipment being exported to or used in Europe and comply with HAR, VDE, and CE certifications. 

    Approvals of H07V-R:

    <HAR> HD 21.3 S3
    VDE-0281 Part-3
    CE Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC and 93/68/EEC


    Construction of H07V-R:

    Bare copper strands
    Strands to VDE-0295 Class-2, IEC 60228 Cl-2
    Special PVC core insulation
    Cores to VDE-0293 colours on chart

    Temperature Rating of H07V-R:

    Flexing: -5°C to +70°C
    Static: -30°C to +80° C


    Voltage Rating of H07V-R:



    Alternative Product of H07V-R:

    H07V-R may be dual rated UL1015/1063 105°C. 600 V

    Colour options for H07V-R:

    Harmonized Colours:

    Black Colour 0Brown Colour 1Red Colour 2Orange Colour 3Green with Yellow Stripe Colour 5/4Harmonized Blue RAL5015 Colour 6Violet Colour 7Grey Colour 8White Colour 9Pink Colour 10Tan Colour 11

    Non-Harmonized Colours:

    Clear Insulation CLRYellow Colour 4Green Colour 5

    Custom colours, striped and twisted combinations available upon request

    Value-Added Services for H07V-R:

    Resppol VASStripe VASPrint VASDye VASTwist VASBond VASCut & Strip VASTin Dip VASTerminate VAS

    ROHS stand compliant


    All specifications are provided for reference only. Specifications will vary between manufacturers and are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check with your sales rep for the most accurate and up to date information when ordering.