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M22759/86, MIL-W-22759/86 - SAE AS22759/86, 600V, PTFE & Polyimide

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M22759/86, MIL-W-22759/86 - SAE AS22759/86, 600V, PTFE & Polyimide

Download Spec Sheet                                             More info!

    Sycor Part No AWGStrandingConductor Dia. MinInsulation Dia. MinInsulation Dia. MaxTempVoltage RatingApprox Weight LBS./MFTMIL Spec Part #
    M22759/86-2619 2619/38.0175.033.037200°C600 Volts1.55SAE AS22759/86
    M22759/86-2419 2419/36.0225.038.042200°C600 Volts2.2SAE AS22759/86
    M22759/86-2219 2219/34.0285.043.047200°C600 Volts3SAE AS22759/86
    M22759/86-2019 2019/32.0365.051.055200°C600 Volts4.55SAE AS22759/86
    M22759/86-1819 1819/30.0455.061.065200°C600 Volts6.7SAE AS22759/86
    M22759/86-1619 1619/29.0515.068.073200°C600 Volts8.6SAE AS22759/86
    M22759/86-1419 1419/27.0645.081.086200°C600 Volts12.95SAE AS22759/86
    M22759/86-1219 1237/28.0875.100.105200°C600 Volts20.1SAE AS22759/86
    M22759/86-1037 1037/°C600 Volts31.4SAE AS22759/86
    M22759/86-08133 8133/°C600 Volts57.6SAE AS22759/86
    M22759/86-06133 6133/°C600 Volts88.3SAE AS22759/86
    M22759/86-04133 4133/°C600 Volts143SAE AS22759/86
    M22759/86-02665 2665/30.320.344.364200°C600 Volts223SAE AS22759/86
    M22759/86-01817 1817/30.366.388.408200°C600 Volts289SAE AS22759/86
    M22759/86-001045 01045/30.395.420.450200°C600 Volts345SAE AS22759/86
    M22759/86-2/01330 2/01330/30.440.475.505200°C600 Volts432SAE AS22759/86
    M22759/86-3/01665 3/01665/30.500.530.560200°C600 Volts542SAE AS22759/86
    M22759/86-4/02109 4/02109/30.565.590.630200°C600 Volts681SAE AS22759/86

    18 Items

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    Additional standing and gauges are available upon request. Please contact us to enquire.

    Download Spec Sheet   

    M22759/86, MIL-W-22759/86 Cable

    M22759/86, MIL-W-22759/86 High Strand Cable

    Description of M22759/86, MIL-W-22759/86:   

    Mil-W-22759/86 has multiple layers of PTFE/polyimide tape insulation for added protection. Mil-W-22759/86 has superior resistance to cut-through, high-temperature environments and abrasion.


    Approvals of M22759/86, MIL-W-22759/86:

    SAE AS22759/86


    Construction of M22759/86, MIL-W-22759/86:

    Stranded silver-plated copper conductor

    AWG1st Layer2nd Layer3rd Layer4th Layer
    4/0 – 4 AWG PTFE tape PTFE/polyimide/PTFE tape PTFE tape PTFE tape
    6 – 8 AWG PTFE tape PTFE/polyimide/PTFE tape PTFE tape Nothing
    10 – 26 AWG PTFE/polyimide/PTFE tape PTFE tape Nothing Nothing

    Temperature Rating of M22759/86, MIL-W-22759/86:



    Voltage Rating of M22759/86, MIL-W-22759/86:



    Application of M22759/86, MIL-W-22759/86:

    Mil-W-22759/86 is ideal for military, commercial, government and aerospace applications. Mil-W-22759/86 is also typically used in high-temperature circuits. 

    Colour options available for M22759/86, MIL-W-22759/86:

    Black Colour 0Brown Colour 1Red Colour 2Orange Colour 3Yellow Colour 4Green Colour 5Blue Colour 6Violet Colour 7Grey Colour 8White Colour 9

    Stock colours 0-9. Custom colours and striped combinations available upon request.


    Value-Added Services available for M22759/86, MIL-W-22759/86:

    Resppol VASTwist VASCut & Strip VASTerminate VAS

    ROHS stand compliant


    All specifications are provided for reference only. Specifications will vary between manufacturers and are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check with your sales rep for the most accurate and up to date information when ordering.