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Multi-Conductor Foil/Braid Shielded Cable, UL2464

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Multi-Conductor Foil/Braid Shielded Cable, UL2464

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    Sycor Part No AWG# of ConductorsStrandingInsulation Thickness (In)Nom. O.D. (In)Jacket Thickness (In)TempVoltage RatingCSA StyleUL StyleApprox Weight LBS./MFT
    SCX170-2403 2437/320.0100.1570.020-20°C to +105°C 600CSA CMGUL246428
    SCX170-2404 2447/320.0100.1680.020-20°C to +105°C 600CSA CMGUL246432
    SCX170-2406 2467/320.0100.1920.023-20°C to +105°C 600CSA CMGUL246438
    SCX170-2409 2497/320.0100.2200.023-20°C to +105°C 600CSA CMGUL246448
    SCX170-2412 24127/320.0100.2430.023-20°C to +105°C 600CSA CMGUL246458
    SCX170-2415 24157/320.0100.2640.023-20°C to +105°C 600CSA CMGUL246462
    SCX170-2420 24207/320.0100.2940.030-20°C to +105°C 600CSA CMGUL246486
    SCX170-2425 24257/320.0100.3410.030-20°C to +105°C 600CSA CMGUL246498
    SCX170-2203 2237/300.0100.1700.023-20°C to +105°C 600CSA CMGUL246432
    SCX170-2204 2247/300.0100.1890.023-20°C to +105°C 600CSA CMGUL246438
    SCX170-2206 2267/300.0100.2090.023-20°C to +105°C 600CSA CMGUL246446
    SCX170-2209 2297/300.0100.2510.023-20°C to +105°C 600CSA CMGUL246462
    SCX170-2212 22127/300.0100.2770.023-20°C to +105°C 600CSA CMGUL246474
    SCX170-2215 22157/300.0100.3010.023-20°C to +105°C 600CSA CMGUL246486
    SCX170-2220 22207/300.0100.3450.030-20°C to +105°C 600CSA CMGUL2464108
    SCX170-2225 22257/300.0100.3760.030-20°C to +105°C 600CSA CMGUL2464128

    16 Items

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    Multi-Conductor Foil/Braid Shielded Cable, UL2464

    Description of Multi-Conductor, UL2464:

    Sycor’s Multi-Conductor Foil/Braid Shield computer cable is a 300-volt cable that’s typically used where noise cancellation is essential or when data transmission is key for success. Multi-Conductor Foil/Braid Shield computer cable also has a braided shield providing very high flexibility for continuous reliable voltage over a long period of time, in potentially more difficult application settings.

    Construction of Multi-Conductor, UL2464: 

    Stranded tinned copper conductors
    Colour coded Semi-Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride insulation, Polyvinyl Chloride jacket.
    85% braided tinned copper shield.
    100% foil shield


    Approvals of Multi-Conductor, UL2464: 

    CSA FT-4
    UL Approved
    (NEC) CM/CMG or CMG
    CSA Type FT4/CMG or (UL)
    UL 2464
    NEC article 725-38 (b), 800-3 (b)
    Passes UL VW-1
    OSHA acceptable


    Voltage Rating of Multi-Conductor, UL2464: 

    CSA 600 Volts
    UL 300 Volts

    Application of Multi-Conductor, UL2464:

    Sycor's Multi-Conductor Foil/Braid Shield computer cable is typically used for applications aimed around computer cables, data grade cables, data transmission, control circuits and industrial equipment controls. Being very versatile in many different applications the Multi-Conductor Foil/Braid Shield computer cable is also able to consistently perform EIA RS-232 & RS-423 CAD/CAM applications to a high degree of consistent quality.


    Temperature Rating of Multi-Conductor, UL2464:

    -20°C to +80°C (AWM)
    -20°C to +75°C (CMG)
    -20°C to +105°C (CSA)

    Colour options for Multi-Conductor, UL2464: 

    Grey Colour 8


    Colour Chart #2
    Cond. # Colour Cond. # Colour
    1 Black 26 Orange/Black/White
    2 White 27 Blue/Black/White
    3 Red 28 Black/Red/Green
    4 Green 29 White/Red/Green
    5 Orange 30 Red/Black/Green
    6 Blue 31 Green/Black/Orange
    7 White/Black 32 Orange/Black Green
    8 Red/Black 33 Blue/White/Orange
    9 Green/Black 34 Black/White/Orange
    10 Orange/Black 35 White/Red/Orange
    11 Blue/Black 36 Orange/White/Blue
    12 Black/White 37 White/Red/Blue
    13 Red/White 38 Black/White/Green
    14 Green/White 39 White/Black/green
    15 Blue/White 40 Red/White/Green
    16 Black/Red 41 Green/White/Blue
    17 White/Red 42 Orange/Red/Green
    18 Orange/Red 43 Blue/Red/Green
    19 Blue/Red 44 Black/White/Blue
    20 Red/Green 45 White/Black/Blue
    21 Orange/Green 46 Red/White/Blue
    22 Black/White/Red 47 Green/Orange/Red
    23 White/Black/Red 48 Orange/Red/Blue
    24 Red/Black/White 49 Blue/Red/Orange
    25 Green/Black/White 50 Black/Orange/Red


    Value-Added Services for Multi-Conductor, UL2464:

    Resppol VASCut & Strip VAS

    ROHS stand compliant


    All specifications are provided for reference only. Specifications will vary between manufacturers and are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check with your sales rep for the most accurate and up to date information when ordering.