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Multi-Conductor Overall Foil Shield, UL2464

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Multi-Conductor Overall Foil Shield, UL2464

    Sycor Part No AWG# of ConductorsStrandingDrain Wire AWGInsulation Thickness (In)Nom. O.D. (In)Jacket Thickness (In)TempVoltage RatingCSA StyleUL StyleColor CodeApprox Weight LBS./MFT
    SCX150-2403 2437/32240.0100.1370.020-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464114
    SCX150-2404 2447/32240.0100.1480.020-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464116
    SCX150-2405 2457/32240.0100.1550.020-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464118
    SCX150-2406 2467/32240.0100.1800.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464122
    SCX150-2407 2477/32240.0100.1870.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464130
    SCX150-2408 2487/32240.0100.1960.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464134
    SCX150-2409 2497/32240.0100.2050.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464138
    SCX150-2410 24107/32240.0100.2140.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464140
    SCX150-2412 24127/32240.0100.2290.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464246
    SCX150-2415 24157/32240.0100.2500.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464254
    SCX150-2420 24207/32240.0100.2800.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464266
    SCX150-2425 24257/32240.0100.3210.030-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464282
    SCX150-2430 24307/32240.0100.3450.030-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464294
    SCX150-2440 24407/32240.0100.3880.030-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL24642120
    SCX150-2450 24507/32240.0100.4800.035-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL24642146
    SCX150-2202 2227/30240.0100.1420.020-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464Black/Red14
    SCX150-2203 2237/30240.0100.1500.020-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464116
    SCX150-2204 2247/30240.0100.1630.020-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464120
    SCX150-2205 2257/30240.0100.1820.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464130
    SCX150-2206 2267/30240.0100.1940.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464134
    SCX150-2207 2277/30240.0100.2050.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464138
    SCX150-2208 2287/30240.0100.2170.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464142
    SCX150-2209 2297/30240.0100.2270.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464146
    SCX150-2210 22107/30240.0100.2360.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464150
    SCX150-2212 22127/30240.0100.2530.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464156
    SCX150-2215 22157/30240.0100.2770.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464270
    SCX150-2219 22197/30240.0100.3190.030-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464286
    SCX150-2225 22257/30240.0100.3560.030-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL24642110
    SCX150-2230 22307/30240.0100.3830.030-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL24642126
    SCX150-2240 22407/30240.0100.4340.030-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL24642164
    SCX150-2250 22507/30240.0100.4850.035-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL24642200
    SCX150-2002 2027/28220.0100.1670.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464Black/Red24
    SCX150-2003 2037/28220.0100.1760.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464128
    SCX150-2004 2047/28220.0100.1910.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464134
    SCX150-2005 2057/28220.0100.1990.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464238
    SCX150-2007 2077/28220.0100.2320.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464250
    SCX150-2008 2087/28220.0100.2430.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464254
    SCX150-2009 2097/28220.0100.2550.030-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464262
    SCX150-2012 20127/28220.0100.2870.030-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464278
    SCX150-2015 20157/28220.0100.3220.030-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464292
    SCX150-2019 20197/28220.0100.3540.030-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL24642112
    SCX150-2025 20257/28220.0100.3960.030-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL24642140
    SCX150-1802 18216/30200.0120.1970.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464Black/Red32
    SCX150-1803 18316/30200.0120.2090.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464138
    SCX150-1804 18416/30200.0120.2280.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464146
    SCX150-1805 18516/30200.0120.2330.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464256
    SCX150-1806 18616/30200.0120.2510.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464264
    SCX150-1807 18716/30200.0120.2670.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464272
    SCX150-1809 18916/30200.0120.2960.030-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464290
    SCX150-1812 181216/30200.0120.3550.030-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL24642112
    SCX150-1815 181516/30200.0120.3880.030-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL24642138
    SCX150-1819 181916/30200.0120.4310.030-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL24642168
    SCX150-1825 182516/30200.0120.4860.030-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL24642217
    SCX150-1602 16226/30180.0150.2360.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464Black/Red44
    SCX150-1603 16326/30180.0150.2500.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464150
    SCX150-1604 16426/30180.0150.2740.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464161
    SCX150-1605 16526/30180.0150.2880.023-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464284
    SCX150-1607 16726/30180.0150.3450.030-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL24642108
    SCX150-1609 16926/30180.0150.3800.030-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL24642132
    SCX150-1612 161226/30180.0150.4320.030-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL24642170
    SCX150-1615 161526/30180.0150.4750.035-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL24642210
    SCX150-1619 161926/30180.0150.5260.035-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL24642258
    SCX150-1625 162526/30180.0150.6350.050-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL24642350
    SCX150-1402 14241/30160.0300.3380.030-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464Black/Red72
    SCX150-1405 14541/30160.0300.4170.030-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL24642138
    SCX150-1407 14741/30160.0300.4820.035-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL24642180
    SCX150-1409 14941/30160.0300.5880.060-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL24642226
    SCX150-1412 141241/30160.0300.6590.060-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL24642312
    SCX150-1415 141541/30160.0300.7230.060-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL24642384
    SCX150-1202 12265/30140.0300.4020.030-20°C to 105°C 300CSA CMG FT4UL2464Black/Red104

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    Description of Multi-Conductor, UL2464:

    Sycor’s Multi-Conductor Foil Shielded audio, computer cable has the perfect construction for audio, computer, communication and specific control applications. The Multi-Conductor Foil Shield computer cable is also resistant to acids, alkalies, oil, solvents, moisture and fungus. Additionally, the computer cable is labelled under CSA FT-4 certification making it very resistant to flames.


    Construction of Multi-Conductor, UL2464:

    Stranded tinned copper conductors
    Colour coded Polyvinyl Chloride insulation (PVC)
    100% foil shield
    Stranded tinned copper drain wire
    Polyvinyl Chloride jacket (PVC)
    (Jacket Standard Grey---Some sizes available in Black or White)


    Voltage Rating of Multi-Conductor, UL2464:

    600 Volts (CSA)
    300 Volts (UL)

    Application of Multi-Conductor, UL2464:

    Sycor’s Multi-Conductor Foil Shielded audio, computer cable is typically used for computer interconnection wiring. The Multi-Conductor Foil Shield computer cable is a strong solution for applications involving detailed control circuits, specific industrial equipment controls, data transmission and EIA RS-232 applications.


    Temperature Rating of Multi-Conductor, UL2464:

    -20°C to 105°C (CSA)
    -20°C to 80°C   (UL)


    Approvals of Multi-Conductor, UL2464:

    UL, CM, AWM Style 2464
    UL Approved
    Passes UL 70,000 BTU Vertical Tray Flame Test
    NEC Article 800 Type CM

    Colour options available for Multi-Conductor, UL2464:

    Grey Colour 8

    Color Chart 1 Colour Chart #2
    Cond. # Colour Cond. # Colour Cond. # Colour
    1 Black 1 Black 26 Orange/Black/White
    2 White 2 White 27 Blue/Black/White
    3 Red 3 Red 28 Black/Red/Green
    4 Green 4 Green 29 White/Red/Green
    5 Brown 5 Orange 30 Red/Black/Green
    6 Blue 6 Blue 31 Green/Black/Orange
    7 Orange 7 White/Black 32 Orange/Black Green
    8 Yellow 8 Red/Black 33 Blue/White/Orange
    9 Purple 9 Green/Black 34 Black/White/Orange
    10 Grey 10 Orange/Black 35 White/Red/Orange
    11 Pink 11 Blue/Black 36 Orange/White/Blue
    12 Tan 12 Black/White 37 White/Red/Blue
    -- -- 13 Red/White 38 Black/White/Green
    -- -- 14 Green/White 39 White/Black/green
    -- -- 15 Blue/White 40 Red/White/Green
    -- -- 16 Black/Red 41 Green/White/Blue
    -- -- 17 White/Red 42 Orange/Red/Green
    -- -- 18 Orange/Red 43 Blue/Red/Green
    -- -- 19 Blue/Red 44 Black/White/Blue
    -- -- 20 Red/Green 45 White/Black/Blue
    -- -- 21 Orange/Green 46 Red/White/Blue
    -- -- 22 Black/White/Red 47 Green/Orange/Red
    -- -- 23 White/Black/Red 48 Orange/Red/Blue
    -- -- 24 Red/Black/White 49 Blue/Red/Orange
    -- -- 25 Green/Black/White 50 Black/Orange/Red


    Value-Added Services available for Multi-Conductor, UL2464:

    Resppol VASCut & Strip VAS

    ROHS stand compliant


    All specifications are provided for reference only. Specifications will vary between manufacturers and are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check with your sales rep for the most accurate and up to date information when ordering.