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Electronic Retractile Coil Cords (PUR)

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Electronic Retractile Coil Cords (PUR)

    Sycor Part No AWG# of ConductorsStrandingNom. O.D. (In)Coil O.D.TempVoltage Rating
    R1A2302T-0 23221/36.1903/4105°C120V
    R1A2303T-0 23321/36.20013/16105°C120V
    R1A2304T-0 23421/36.23015/16105°C120V
    R1A2305T-0 23521/36.2501-1/16105°C120V
    R1A2308T-0 23821/36.3001-3/16105°C120V
    R1A2310T-0 231021/36.3401-1/4105°C120V
    R1A2312T-0 231221/36.3501-1/4105°C120V
    R1A2315T-0 231521/36.3601-5/16105°C120V

    8 Items

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     Electronic Retractile Coil Cords


    Why use retractile cords?

    • Useful in tight spaces
    • Removes trip hazards
    • Safer operation of hand held tools
    • Has very good flexibility
    • Continuously adjusts as required
    • Useful in aesthetic applications

    Description of Electronic Retractile Coil Cord:

    Sycor's Electronic Retractile Coil Cords come in 48", 36" 24" & 12" lengths, with 1 to 5 extension ratio. The retractable ability allows this cable to used safely in areas where long cords are required but also seen as a hazard.


    Approvals of Electronic Retractile Coil Cord:

    ISO9001, ISO13485, AS9100


    Construction of Electronic Retractile Coil Cord:

    Soft tinned copper conductors
    Polyurethane insulation black jacketed
    Retracted lengths: 48", 36", 24" & 12"
    Extension Ratio 1 to 5

    Temperature Rating of Electronic Retractile Coil Cord:

    Service Temperature 105°C


    Voltage Rating of Electronic Retractile Coil Cord:

    120 Volts


    Application of Electronic Retractile Coil Cord:

    Electronic retractile coil cords are very useful for hand tools that require long lengths but can't have long hanging wires. This amazing cable is very versatile and can be installed safely in hundreds of applications with the ability to stretch 5 times its original length.

    Colour options for Electronic Retractile Coil Cord:

    Black Colour 0

    Conductor Colour Code Chart

    Cond. Colour Stripe Cond. Colour Stripe
    1 Black - 9 Gray -
    2 White - 10 Pink -
    3 Red - 11 Violet -
    4 Green - 12 Tan -
    5 Orange - 13 White Black
    6 Blue - 14 Red Black
    7 Yellow - 15 Green Black
    8 Brown - - - -


    Value-Added Services available for Electronic Retractile Coil Cord: 

    Terminate VAS 

    ROHS stand compliant


    All specifications are provided for reference only. Specifications will vary between manufacturers and are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check with your sales rep for the most accurate and up to date information when ordering.