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Unshielded Plenum Multi-Conductor Cable UL1424

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Unshielded Plenum Multi-Conductor Cable UL1424

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    Sycor Part No AWG# of ConductorsStrandingInsulation Thickness (In)Nom. O.D. (In)Jacket Thickness (In)TempVoltage RatingCSA StyleUL StyleColor Code
    SCX106-2202 2227/300.0080.1200.016-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL1424BLK / RED
    SCX106-2203 2237/300.0080.1270.016-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL1424BLK / RED / GRN
    SCX106-2204 2247/300.0080.1380.016-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL14241
    SCX106-2205 2257/300.0080.1450.016-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL14241
    SCX106-2206 2267/300.0080.1560.016-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL14241
    SCX106-1802 1827/260.0080.1600.016-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL1424BLK / RED
    SCX106-1803 1837/260.0080.1700.016-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL14241
    SCX106-1804 1847/260.0080.1860.016-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL14241
    SCX106-1805 1857/260.0080.1960.016-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL14241
    SCX106-1806 1867/260.0080.2120.016-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL14241
    SCX106-1807 1877/260.0080.2270.016-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL14241
    SCX106-1808 1887/260.0080.2400.016-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL14241
    SCX106-1810 18107/260.0080.2650.016-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL14241
    SCX106-1602 16216/190.0080.1780.016-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL1424BLK / RED
    SCX106-1603 16316/190.0080.1890.016-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL14242
    SCX106-1604 16416/190.0080.2080.016-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL14242
    SCX106-1402 14219/260.0080.2120.016-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL1424BLK / RED
    SCX106-1403 14319/260.0080.2320.016-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL14242
    SCX106-1404 14419/260.0080.2510.016-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL14242
    SCX106-2202S 222Solid0.0100.1210.015-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL1424NA
    SCX106-2204S 224Solid0.0100.1370.015-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL1424NA
    SCX106-1802S 182Solid0.0100.1550.015-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL1424NA
    SCX106-1803S 183Solid0.0100.1600.015-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL1424NA
    SCX106-1804S 184Solid0.0100.1750.015-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL1424NA
    SCX106-1806S 186Solid0.0100.2110.015-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL1424NA
    SCX106-1602S 162Solid0.0100.1720.015-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL1424NA
    SCX106-1604S 164Solid0.0100.2020.015-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL1424NA
    SCX106-1402S 142Solid0.0120.2050.015-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL1424NA
    SCX106-1404S 144Solid0.0120.2430.015-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL1424NA
    SCX106-1202S 122Solid0.0120.2440.015-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL1424NA
    SCX106-1204S 124Solid0.0120.2840.015-20°C to +75°C300FT-6UL1424NA

    31 Items

    Set Descending Direction

    Description of Plenum Multi-Conductor UL1424:

    Sycor’s unshielded plenum multi-conductor cable is a designated fire cable that’s typically used because of its approved safety measures. The unshielded Plenum multi-conductor cable also has low-smoke PVC and is used for essential detection or other forms of important monitoring applications. 


    Construction of Plenum Multi-Conductor UL1424:

    Solid, Bare Copper conductor fully annealed
    Red PVDF Fluoropolymer insulation
    Premium Grade, Color-Coded Polyvinylchloride (PVC) jacket


    Voltage Rating of Plenum Multi-Conductor UL1424:

    300 Volts


    Temperature Rating of Plenum Multi-Conductor UL1424:

    -20°C to +75°C

    Application of Plenum Multi-Conductor UL1424:

    Sycor’s unshielded plenum multi-conductor cable meets California state requirements for fire prevention, making this specific unshielded plenum multi-conductor cable perfect for applications involving wiring fire alarms, smoke detectors, burglar alarms, fire protective circuits, vocal communication devices, and power limited circuits. Having very reliable safety measures Sycor’s unshielded plenum multi-conductor cable is also a perfect solution for audio circuits, notification circuits, signal circuits and initiating circuit applications.


    Approvals of Plenum Multi-Conductor UL1424:

    UL Type FPLP
    CUL Type CMP/FT6
    NEC Article 760, 725, 800
    Meets California State Fire Marshal requirements
    UL 1424
    Designed to meet NFPA 262 and CSA FT6 Steiner tunnel fire tests.

    Colour options for Plenum Multi-Conductor UL1424:

    Grey Colour 8


    Solid Colour Code Chart
    NO of Cond. Colour
    1 Black
    2 Red
    3 Brown
    4 Blue
    5 Orange
    6 Yellow


    Colour Chart #1 Colour Chart #2
    Cond. # Colour Cond. # Colour
    1 Black 1 Black
    2 White 2 White
    3 Red 3 Red
    4 Green 4 Green
    5 Brown 5 Orange
    6 Blue 6 Blue
    7 Orange 7 White/Black
    8 Yellow 8 Red/Black
    9 Purple 9 Green/Black
    10 Grey 10 Orange/Black
    11 Pink --
    12 Tan --


    Value-Added Services for Plenum Multi-Conductor UL1424:

    Resppol VASCut & Strip VAS

    ROHS stand compliant


    All specifications are provided for reference only. Specifications will vary between manufacturers and are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check with your sales rep for the most accurate and up to date information when ordering.