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Multi-Pair Unshielded Cable UL2464, UL2509, UL2576

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Multi-Pair Unshielded Cable UL2464, UL2509, UL2576

Download Spec Sheet                                             More info!

    Sycor Part No # of PairsAWGStrandingInsulation Thickness (In)Nom. O.D. (In)Jacket Thickness (In)UL StyleColor CodeApprox Weight LBS./MFT
    SCX200-2202 2227/300.0100.2160.023UL2464 UL2509 UL2576326
    SCX200-2203 3227/300.0100.2290.023UL2464 UL2509 UL2576334
    SCX200-2204 4227/300.0100.2520.023UL2464 UL2509 UL2576342
    SCX200-2206 6227/300.0100.2870.023UL2464 UL2509 UL2576356
    SCX200-2209 9227/300.0100.3510.030UL2464 UL2509 UL2576382
    SCX200-2212 12227/300.0100.3860.030UL2464 UL2509 UL25763106
    SCX200-2215 15227/300.0100.4210.030UL2464 UL2509 UL25763126
    SCX200-2219 19227/300.0100.4660.030UL2464 UL2509 UL25763156
    SCX200-2223 23227/300.0100.5120.035UL2464 UL2509 UL25763183
    SCX200-2227 27227/300.0100.5580.035UL2464 UL2509 UL25763214
    SCX200-2201S 122Solid0.0100.1210.015UL2464 UL2509 UL2576316
    SCX200-2202S 222Solid0.0100.2000.023UL2464 UL2509 UL2576324
    SCX200-2203S 322Solid0.0100.2130.023UL2464 UL2509 UL2576332
    SCX200-2204S 422Solid0.0100.2330.023UL2464 UL2509 UL2576340
    SCX200-2206S 622Solid0.0100.2650.023UL2464 UL2509 UL2576352
    SCX200-2002 2207/280.0100.2390.023UL2464 UL2509 UL2576332
    SCX200-2003 3207/280.0100.2540.023UL2464 UL2509 UL2576342
    SCX200-2004 4207/280.0100.2800.023UL2464 UL2509 UL2576352
    SCX200-2006 6207/280.0100.3340.030UL2464 UL2509 UL2576376
    SCX200-2009 9207/280.0100.3910.030UL2464 UL2509 UL25763106
    SCX200-2012 12207/280.0100.4330.030UL2464 UL2509 UL25763138
    SCX200-2015 15207/280.0100.4940.050UL2464 UL2509 UL25763168
    SCX200-1802* 21816/300.0120.1950.023UL2464 UL2509 UL2576326
    SCX200-1801 11816/300.0120.1950.023UL2464 UL2509 UL2576326
    SCX200-1802 21816/300.0120.2880.023UL2464 UL2509 UL2576346
    SCX200-1803 31816/300.0120.3210.030UL2464 UL2509 UL2576366
    SCX200-1804 41816/300.0120.3540.030UL2464 UL2509 UL2576382
    SCX200-1806 61816/300.0120.4040.030UL2464 UL2509 UL25763114
    SCX200-1809 91816/300.0120.4780.035UL2464 UL2509 UL25763162
    SCX200-1812 121816/300.0120.5310.035UL2464 UL2509 UL25763228
    SCX200-1815 151816/300.0120.6180.050UL2464 UL2509 UL25763274
    SCX200-1819 191816/300.0120.6820.050UL2464 UL2509 UL25763336
    SCX200-1825 251816/300.0120.7830.050UL2464 UL2509 UL25763430
    SCX200-1602 21626/300.0150.3640.030UL2464 UL2509 UL2576370
    SCX200-1603 31626/300.0150.3880.030UL2464 UL2509 UL2576394
    SCX200-1604 41626/300.0150.4320.030UL2464 UL2509 UL25763122
    SCX200-1606 61626/300.0150.4960.035UL2464 UL2509 UL25763170

    37 Items

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    Download Spec Sheet  

    Multi-Pair Unshielded Cable UL2464, UL2509, UL2576


    Description of Multi-Pair Unshielded:

    Sycor’s Multi-Paired Unshielded communication and control cable has stranded tinned copper conductors, which are paired and cabled for added protection against crosstalk and EMI interference. Multi-Paired Unshielded communication and control cable has many applications and is light and flexible for easy installation. The outer PVC jacket provides flame resistance and is suitable for indoor/outdoor use.

    Temperature Rating of Multi-Pair Unshielded:

    CSA -20°C to 105°C           (CMG  -20°C to 60°C)
    UL    -20°C to 80°C             (AWM)
             -20°C to 75°C              (CM)
             -20°C to 60°C              (CMG)


    Construction of Multi-Pair Unshielded:

    Stranded tinned copper conductors,
    Colour coded Semi-Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride (SR PVC) insulation.
    Overall Polyvinyl Chloride jacket (PVC)


    Voltage Rating of Multi-Pair Unshielded:

    CSA - 600 Volts
    UL   -  300 Volts

    Application of Multi-Pair Unshielded:

    Sycor’s Multi-Paired Unshielded communication and control cable has a consistent voltage rating which is ideal for EIA RS-232 applications. Multi-Paired Unshielded communication and control cable also works very well for applications involving industrial equipment, data transmission, control circuits, computer and audio communications.


    Approvals of Multi-Pair Unshielded:

    UL AWM CM UL 2464, 2509, 2576
    NEC Article SOO Type CM
    CSA FT4 Vertical Flame Test
    UL 70,000 BTU, UL 1685 Vertical Tray

    Colour options for Multi-Pair Unshielded:

    Grey Colour 8


    Colour Chart #3
    Pair # Colour Pair # Colour Pair # Colour
    1 Black Paired with Red 14 Green Paired with White 27 Brown Paired with Orange
    2 Black Paired with White 15 Green Paired with Blue 28 Orange Paired with Yellow
    3 Black Paired with Green 16 Green Paired with Yellow 29 Purple Paired with Orange
    4 Black Paired with Blue 17 Green Paired with Brown 30 Purple Paired with Red
    5 Black Paired with Yellow 18 Green Paired with Orange 31 Purple Paired with White
    6 Black Paired with Brown 19 White Paired with Blue 32 Purple Paired with Green
    7 Black Paired with Orange 20 White Paired with Yellow 33 Purple Paired with Blue
    8 Red Paired with White 21 White Paired with Brown 34 Purple Paired with Yellow
    9 Red Paired with Green 22 White Paired with Orange 35 Purple Paired with Brown
    10 Red Paired with Blue 23 Blue Paired with Yellow 36 Purple Paired with Black
    11 Red Paired with Yellow 24 Blue Paired with Brown 37 Grey Paired with White
    12 Red Paired with Brown 25 Blue Paired with Orange -- --
    13 Red Paired with Orange  26 Brown Paired with Yellow -- --


    Value-Added Services for Multi-Pair Unshielded:

    Resppol VASCut & Strip VAS

    ROHS stand compliant


    All specifications are provided for reference only. Specifications will vary between manufacturers and are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check with your sales rep for the most accurate and up to date information when ordering.