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Tray / Instrumentation & Automation

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Sycor Tray / Instrumentation & Automation products offered:
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  • Tray Cable Type TC - Composite (power & Control) 90°C Dry/ 75°C Wet, 600V - 3 power and 4 or 6 control conductor
  • Tray Cable Type TC – Control or Instrumentation Cable 90°C Dry/ 75°C Wet, 600 volts
  • Tray Cable Type TC – Power Cable W/Ground 90°C Dry/ 75°C Wet, 600v
  • SDT/TC Control Cable Type TC
  • Tray Cable Type TC – Power cable 90°C Dry/ 75°C Wet, 600 volts
  • UL Type TC Control Cable
  • Control Cable Type SDN - (Small Diameter Neoprene)
  • Circuit in Conduit CIC Tray Cable