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Monthly Archives: August 2019

  1. Tray Cable!

    Post by : Sycor Marketing

    The NEC (National Electric Code) tray cable definition:

    “A factory assembly of two or more insulated conductors, with or without associated bare or covered grounding conductors under a nonmetallic sheath, for installation in cable trays, in raceways, or where supported by a messenger wire.”

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  2. Wire Striping / Cable Striping

    Post by : Sycor Marketing

    Value-added services are a significant part of the wiring industry. From terminations to basic dying, each service has a unique value it provides to specific products. This blog explores one of the simpler yet essential services that our team offers. Wire and cable' striping' has been around for almost as long as the wire has existed, but as time passes and technology advances, this simple service quickly became essential for larger projects.

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