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Solar Panel & Wind Turbine Cable

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Solar and Wind Cables

 Solar Panel & Wind Turbine cables

Sycor Technology is proud to offer a full line of green energy cabling options.  Our environmentally friendly alternatives can provide you with the connectivity and durability you need to produce photovoltaic or wind-generated power.  As almost all applications of these products require exposure to the environment, Solar and Wind Cables are specially designed to excel in their respective sustainable energy applications and withstand harsh conditions.


Solar Cables

Solar panel cables

Sycor’s Solar Wires and Cables are typically used to connect solar panels and photovoltaic arrays.  They can also be used in underground service entrances and to hook-up solar cabling service terminals.  One of the most popular solar products Sycor provides is PV wire. 

PV Wire is sunlight, ozone, and UV resistant in order to withstand the harsh environments of outdoor installations.  They offer high levels of flame resistance and a decent amount of flexibility at low temperatures.  PV wires can operate up to 600V and are rated for 90°C in both wet and dry environments.  Sycor offers different variations in the material of our PV wiring, including XLPE, double-jacketed, Low Smoke Zero Halogen, and they are also available in aluminum conductors. 


Wind Farm Cables

 Wind turbine cables

Sycor Technology’s Wind Farm Cables are used in wind turbine applications.  All of our wind farm cables are specially designed for this application and are rated WTTC cables.  They are also all engineered to withstand the challenging environments of wind farms and are resistant to oils, chemicals, fuels, solvents, and abrasion.  Sycor Technology’s Wind Farm Cables can be installed with ease and offer tremendous flexibility.

Solar Energy Brochure

 Solar Energy Brochure

Interested in or have a question about our green-energy products?  Feel free to get in touch with us via phone or e-mail and a member of our friendly and knowledgeable sales team will be happy to answer all your inquiries!