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Swift-Pull Spiral Wire Bundling

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Swift-Pull Spiral Wire Bundling

The Spiral Bundling is the most popular type of bundling that Sycor provides. This is partially due to its flexibility and because of how it's installed. Unlike the other configurations, Spiral bundling can be pulled through conduits. The pulling is preferred over traditional placement, because of the labour time saved.

Our team has been supplying different wire bundling constructions since 1981 and can create the perfect configuration of different wire types, gauges and strandings for your application. We supply wire bundles for Cat cable, Hook-up wire, Building wire, Fire alarm wire (FAS), Coax, PV and many more. With our teams' main focus being on customer satisfaction, we make it a priority to produce the highest quality product possible, use competitive pricing and provide unbeatable lead times.

   Value Added Service: Spiral Wire Bundling

Spiral Wire Bundling Benefits

  • Used for long pulls through conduits
  • Most space-conscious design that provides increased flexibility
  • The best type of wire bundle for data and communication applications (Help stop EMI)
  • Has increased flexibility

Spiral Wire Bundling Applications

  • Data and communication systems
  • Industrial Robotic and Automation
  • Wind and Solar Farms
  • Conveyor Belt System
  • Hospitals
  • Control Systems

Value Added Service: Spiral Wire Bundling   

Types of Wires for Spiral Bundling

Fire Alarm Cable Cat Cable
UL XHHW-2 Coax Cable
Fiber Optic and many more

* If you have any questions about what cables you can and can't use in Swift-Pull© spiral wire bundling, feel free to ask one of our experienced sales reps.

The Spiral Bundling construction is a very popular choice and one of the constructions that's easier for installation and maintenance. Our team has years of experience supplying and helping customers choose the best product for their bundling application. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to one of our industry experts. Request a quote online, email, or call us today!