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Multi-Conductor Cable

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Multi-Conductor Constructions

Foil Shielded

Braid Shielded


Unshielded and Other

» Foil Shielded Multi-Conductor UL2464 » Braid Shielded
Multi-Conductor UL2095
» Unshielded Plenum Multi-Conductor UL1424 » Unshielded Multi-Conductor
(UL2464, UL2509 & UL2576)
» Multi-Conductor Foil/Braid Shielded UL2464 » Multi-Conductor Foil/Braid Shielded UL2464 » Shielded Plenum Multi-Conductor UL1424 » Transit XLPO Multi-Conductor
      » Electronic Coil Cord (PUR)
» Electronic Coil Cord (PVC)


Sycor's Multi-Conductor Cable

Multi-Conductor cables are an electrical cable that contain multiple conductors, while a single conductor is referred to as a lead wire or hook-up wire. These cables are typically available in the standard 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 & 24 AWG sizes. They're also traditionally used for recording systems, video cameras, television studios, camera control systems, remote control circuits, and data transmission. These multi-purpose cable are used within thousands of different applications; the Multi-Conductor constructions are able to excel in communication systems and high voltage applications, exceptionally well.


Multi-Conductor Cable Shielding

The shielding is an important part of a multi-conductors construction, but not a mandatory one because it's the portion of the cable that blocks all incoming EMI. Not all multi-conductor cables are affected by EMI or 'Electromagnetic Interference,' but when they are "The radio frequency spectrum, has a disturbance generated by an external source that affects an electrical circuit by electromagnetic induction, electrostatic coupling, or conduction" (Wikipedia). With EMI Being a constant issue in data applications, the multi-conductor cables are the specialized solutions for these common transmission, control circuit and recording application issues.

Multi-Conductor Cable Braid ShieldMulti-Conductor Cable Unshielded