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Type SDN Cable (CIC TC)

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Type SDN Cable (CIC TC)

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    Sycor Part No AWG# of ConductorsStrandingNom. O.D. (In)Jacket Thickness (Mils)TempVoltage RatingCSA StyleUL StyleApprox Weight LBS./MFT
    SDN1802 18216/.01000.2754590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL127746
    SDN1803 18316/.01000.2854590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL127750
    SDN1804 18416/.01000.3154590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL127760
    SDN1805 18516/.01000.3354590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL127771
    SDN1806 18616/.01000.3604590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL127783
    SDN1807 18716/.01000.3804590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277106
    SDN1808 18816/.01000.4204590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277109
    SDN1809 18916/.01000.4504590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277120
    SDN1810 181016/.01000.4504590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277126
    SDN1811 181116/.01000.4704590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277135
    SDN1812 181216/.01000.4654590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277142
    SDN1813 181316/.01000.4904590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277153
    SDN1814 181416/.01000.4854590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277165
    SDN1815 181516/.01000.5154590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277170
    SDN1816 181616/.01000.5104590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277175
    SDN1817 181716/.01000.5906090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277230
    SDN1818 181816/.01000.5906090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277230
    SDN1819 181916/.01000.5906090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277240
    SDN1821 182116/.01000.6056090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277270
    SDN1824 182416/.01000.6606090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277285
    SDN1825 182516/.01000.6806090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277300
    SDN1830 183016/.01000.6956090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277335
    SDN1837 183716/.01000.7756090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277386
    SDN1602 16219/.01170.2906090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL127751
    SDN1603 16319/.01170.3054590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL127762
    SDN1604 16419/.01170.3304590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL127777
    SDN1605 16519/.01170.3604590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL127792
    SDN1606 16619/.01170.3904590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277107
    SDN1607 16719/.01170.4204590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277123
    SDN1608 16819/.01170.4504590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277137
    SDN1609 16919/.01170.4754590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277165
    SDN1610 161019/.01170.4854590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277165
    SDN1611 161119/.01170.5004590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277180
    SDN1612 161219/.01170.5004590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277188
    SDN1613 161319/.01170.5556090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277225
    SDN1614 161419/.01170.5556090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277240
    SDN1615 161519/.01170.5856090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277255
    SDN1616 161619/.01170.5856090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277258
    SDN1617 161719/.01170.6356090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277290
    SDN1618 161819/.01170.6356090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277290
    SDN1619 161919/.01170.6356090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277296
    SDN1621 162119/.01170.6506090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277340
    SDN1624 162419/.01170.7156090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277367
    SDN1625 162519/.01170.7306090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277380
    SDN1630 163019/.01170.7506090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277432
    SDN1637 163719/.01170.8708090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277556
    SDN1402 14219/.01470.3204590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL127778
    SDN1403 14319/.01470.3404590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL127784
    SDN1404 14419/.01470.3704590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277104
    SDN1405 14519/.01470.4004590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277127
    SDN1406 14619/.01470.4354590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277147
    SDN1407 14719/.01470.4706090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277165
    SDN1408 14819/.01470.5056090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277200
    SDN1409 14919/.01470.5706090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277235
    SDN1410 141019/.01470.5806090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277246
    SDN1411 141119/.01470.5956090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277270
    SDN1412 141219/.01470.5956090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277290
    SDN1413 141319/.01470.6256090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277305
    SDN1414 141419/.01470.6256090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277325
    SDN1415 141519/.01470.6556090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277340
    SDN1416 141619/.01470.6556090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277354
    SDN1417 141719/.01470.7256090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277400
    SDN1418 141819/.01470.7256090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277410
    SDN1419 141919/.01470.7258090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277430
    SDN1421 142119/.01470.7408090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277470
    SDN1424 142419/.01470.8058090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277510
    SDN1425 142519/.01470.8758090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277520
    SDN1430 143019/.01470.8908090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277660
    SDN1437 143719/.01470.9908090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277785
    SDN1202 12219/.01850.3604590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277109
    SDN1203 12319/.01850.3804590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277115
    SDN1204 12419/.01850.4154590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277146
    SDN1205 12519/.01850.4504590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277177
    SDN1206 12619/.01850.4904590°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277209
    SDN1207 12719/.01850.5706090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277230
    SDN1208 12819/.01850.6056090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277294
    SDN1209 12919/.01850.6506090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277325
    SDN1210 121019/.01850.6556090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277350
    SDN1211 121119/.01850.6756090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277375
    SDN1212 121219/.01850.6756090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277395
    SDN1213 121319/.01850.7006090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277430
    SDN1214 121419/.01850.7206090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277455
    SDN1215 121519/.01850.7306090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277480
    SDN1216 121619/.01850.7556090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277505
    SDN1217 121719/.01850.8006090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277530
    SDN1218 121819/.01850.8006090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277555
    SDN1219 121919/.01850.8008090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277605
    SDN1221 122119/.01850.8808090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277680
    SDN1224 122419/.01850.9558090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277773
    SDN1225 122519/.01850.9708090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL1277782
    SDN1230 123019/.01851.0108090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL12771032
    SDN1237 123719/.01851.1458090°C600CIC TCUL TC, UL12771120

    92 Items

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    Download Spec Sheet   

    Control Cable Type SDN


    Description Type SDN Cable:

    The type SDN is a small diameter control cable made up of multiple conductors cabled together and jacketed with a tough, thermosetting polymer jacket. Type SDN is 25 – 35% smaller in overall diameter than type SO control cable.

    Approvals Type SDN:

    • Meets UL 1277 and IEEE 1202 flame test at 70,000 BTU/hr. Exceeds requirements specified by ICEA S-73-532. Conforms to NEC Article 340.
    • UL type TC
    • CSA CIC TC


    Temperature Rating Type SDN:

    -55°C to +90°C


    Voltage Rating Type SDN:

    600 Volts

    Construction Type SDN:

    Stranded bare copper conductors
    PVC insulation with nylon sheath
    Black sunlight resistant and oil resistant neoprene jacket
    Polypropylene filler
    Two mil Mylar tape binder


    Application Type SDN:

    With its special flexible design, the type SDN is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications for cranes, hoists, load lifts and platforms, pendant stations, etc. Also for use in tight bends inside conduit and tray applications.

    Colour options for Type SDN Cable:

    Black Colour 0        Colour Chart more info!


    Value-Added Services for Type SDN Cable:

    Resppol VASCut & Strip VASTerminate VAS

    ROHS stand compliant


    All specifications are provided for reference only. Specifications will vary between manufacturers and are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check with your sales rep for the most accurate and up to date information when ordering.