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PVC Trailer Cable

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PVC Trailer Cable

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    Sycor Part No AWG# of ConductorsStrandingInsulation Thickness (In)Nom. O.D. (In)TempApprox Weight LBS./MFT
    TLRP 14-4B 144190.0230.42-50°C to 80°C150
    TLRP 14-6B 146190.0230.49-50°C to 80°C190
    TLRP 14-7B 147190.0230.54-50°C to 80°C220
    TLRP 1412-7B 14/6, 12/17190.0310.55-50°C to 80°C240
    TLRP 141210-7B 14/4, 12/1, 10/27190.0260.56-50°C to 80°C270
    TLRP 1210-7B 12/6, 10/17190.0260.60-50°C to 80°C350

    6 Items

    Set Descending Direction

    *Conductor colours vary, please specify requirements.  
    **Additional configurations may be available – request more information.
    ***Tinned copper conductor may be available on a special order basis. Please contact us to enquire.
    ****TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) jacket is resistant to ozone, oil, solvents, gasoline and abrasion and is available as an option. Replace TLRP with TLRT.

    Download Spec Sheet

    PVC Trailer Cable Automotive Wire




    Description of Trailer Cable:

    As its name implies, PVC trailer cable is predominantly used for automotive trailers and trucks. Its durable PVC jacket is resistant to abrasion, chemicals, gas, oil, and weather, making it ideal for these rugged automotive applications. Its conductors are composed of stranded bare copper and are also insulated with PVC. PVC trailer cable can be used in temperatures ranging from -50°C up to +80°C and is available in various gauges and conductor counts.

    Temperature Rating of Trailer Cable:

    -50°C to 80°C


    Construction of Trailer Cable:

    Stranded bare copper conductors
    Colour coded Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) insulation
    Black PVC jacket
    Optional Black thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) jacket (105°)

    Application of Trailer Cable:

    Trailer cable can be used for automotive trailers, trucks or applications that need good resistance to weather, oil and grease. The Cable’s inner conductor is stranded copper colour-coded for identification purposes with a PVC jacket

    A.T.A. Recommended Circuit Colors

    White – Ground return to towing vehicle
    Black – ICC-required marker and clearance lamps
    Yellow – Left-hand directional signal
    Red – Stoplights
    Green – Right-hand directional signal
    Brown – Tail lamps, three-bar marker lamps and other lamps not required by ICC
    Blue – Auxiliary circuits

    Value-Added Services for Trailer Cable:

    Resppol VASCut & Strip VAS

    ROHS stand compliant


    All specifications are provided for reference only. Specifications will vary between manufacturers and are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check with your sales rep for the most accurate and up to date information when ordering.