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Swift-Pull Custom Wire Bundling

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Custom Wire Bundling

Value Added Service: Custom Wire Bundling

Sycor uses a few different types of styles for wire bundling, but even with those general-purpose constructions, our well-experienced team understands that difficult applications may require a customized product. If you have a unique construction from an old retailer, send it over and we'll do our best to match your specifications. No matter what your application is or how unique it may be our team is at your disposal.

Custom Wire Bundling (or Custom Binding) Examples

  • Spiral Wrap
  • Double Diamond
  • Cross Laced
  • Straight Parallel
  • Single Bind
  • Quick Release
Custom wire bundling or custom wire binding are perfect for a number of unique applications, but only you the customer can know the most efficient and cost-effective type of build for your application.

Value Added Service: Custom Wire Bundling 


Our team has been supplying different wire bundling constructions since 1981 and can create the perfect configuration of different wire types, gauges and strandings for your application. We supply wire bundles for Cat cable, Hook-up wire, Building wire, Fire alarm wire (FAS), Coax, PV and many more. With our teams' main focus being on customer satisfaction, we make it a priority to produce the highest quality product possible, use competitive pricing and provide unbeatable lead times.

Although bundling is a very helpful service that makes overwhelming jobs much more simplistic, the service does require preparation in order to yield beneficial results. Our team has been supplying wire bundles in a number of configurations for more than 30 years now. Feel free to reach out to our sales team with any concerns and questions you may have. Request a quote online, email, or call us today!