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Type W- Round

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Type W- Round

    Sycor Part No # of ConductorsAWGStrandingInsulation Thickness (In)Nom. O.D. (In)Jacket Thickness (In)TempVoltage RatingApprox Weight LBS./MFTAmpacity
    W0803 38133x.01110.0600.910.140-40°C to 90°C200054059
    W0603 36133x.01400.0600.1010.140-40°C to 90°C200073079
    W0403 34133x.01770.0600.1170.125-40°C to 90°C20001040104
    W0203 32133x.02230.0600.1340.140-40°C to 90°C20001490138
    W0103 13133x.02510.0801.510.140-40°C to 90°C20001820161
    W1/003 31/0259x.02020.0801.650.155-40°C to 90°C20002150186
    W2/003 32/0259x.02270.0801.750.155-40°C to 90°C20002530215
    W4/003 34/0259x.02860.0802.040.155-40°C to 90°C20002160287
    W0804 48133x.01110.0600.990.110-40°C to 90°C200068054
    W0604 46133x.01400.0601.100.110-40°C to 90°C200093072
    W0404 44133x.01770.0601.270.110-40°C to 90°C2000129093
    W0204 42133x.02230.0601.480.140-40°C to 90°C20001850122
    W0104 41133x.02510.0801.680.155-40°C to 90°C20002320143
    W1/004 41/0259x.0200.0801.790.155-40°C to 90°C20002970165
    W2/004 42/0259x.02020.0800.1900.156-40°C to 90°C20003100192
    W3/004 43/0259x.02550.0800.2210.156-40°C to 90°C200036752045
    W4/004 44/0259x.02860.0800.2550.156-40°C to 90°C200045002225
    W0805 58133x.01110.0601.070.110-40°C to 90°C200084550
    W0605 56133x.01400.0601.210.110-40°C to 90°C2000114068
    W0405 54133x.01770.0601.400.110-40°C to 90°C2000162088
    W0305 53329x.00190.0601.510.110-40°C to 90°C20002050100
    W0205 52133x.02230.0601.610.140-40°C to 90°C20002340116
    W0105 51133x.02510.0801.880.155-40°C to 90°C20003040136
    W1/005 51/0259x.0200.0801.960.155-40°C to 90°C20003460157
    W2/005 52/0259x.02020.0802.130.156-40°C to 90°C20004180182
    W3/005 53/0259x.02550.0802.260.156-40°C to 90°C20004900210
    W4/005 54/0259x.02860.0802.460.156-40°C to 90°C20005980242

    27 Items

    per page
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    Description - Type W Round:

    Sycor’s Type W round portable cable is durable and versatile in severe weather conditions. The Type W has Chlorinated Polyethylene jacket making it water, sunlight and moisture resistant, as well as being able to withstand extended exposure to chemicals, heat and oils.


    Construction - Type W Round:

    Flexible annealed copper conductors in a rope lay; Insulated with colour coded EP rubber heat resistant.
    Cabled with non-hygroscopic fillers and an overall jacket of heavy duty chlorinated polyethylene.


    Approvals - Type W Round:

    ICEA S-75-381
    NEMA WC-58
    UL Type W
    MSHA Approved

    Voltage Rating - Type W Round:

    AMPS per ICEA


    Jacket - Type W Round:

    Chlorinated polyethylene minimum tensile strength 1800 psi. Colour: Black


    Insulation - Type W Round:

    EP rubber


    Temperature Rating - Type W Round:

     -40°C to 90°C


    Application - Type W Round:

    Sycor’s Type W-round portable cord is a strong solution for construction applications such as: lifting magnets, conveyors, portable power equipment, dockside cables, large power supplies, movie studios, mobile homes, oil rigs, battery chargers, travelling cranes, pumps, dams, and other industrial uses.

    olour options available for - Type W Round: 

    Black Colour 0

    Value-Added Services available for - Type W Round:

    Resppol VASCut & Strip VASTerminate VAS  

    All specifications are provided for reference only. Specifications will vary between manufacturers and are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check with your sales rep for the most accurate and up to date information when ordering.