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2kv Wind Turbine DLO Power Cable

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2kv Wind Turbine DLO Power Cable

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    Sycor Part No AWGStrandingInsulation Thickness (In)Nom. O.D. (In)Jacket Thickness (In)TempVoltage RatingCSA StyleUL StyleApprox Weight LBS./MFTAmpacity
    DLO1/0273B 1/0273/240.0800.690.045-40°C to 90°C2kvCSA RW90UL RHH-RHW-2515170 & 260
    DLO2/0324B 2/0324/240.0800.730.045-40°C to 90°C2kvCSA RW90UL RHH-RHW-2580195 & 300
    DLO3/0448B 3/0448/240.0800.810.045-40°C to 90°C2kvCSA RW90UL RHH-RHW-2770225 & 350
    DLO4/0523B 4/0532/240.0800.940.065-40°C to 90°C2kvCSA RW90UL RHH-RHW-2930260 & 405
    DLO262646B 262.6646/240.0900.980.065-40°C to 90°C2kvCSA RW90UL RHH-RHW-21130296 & 467
    DLO313775B 313.3775/240.0901.060.065-40°C to 90°C2kvCSA RW90UL RHH-RHW-21295326 & 522
    DLO373925B 373.7925/240.0901.100.065-40°C to 90°C2kvCSA RW90UL RHH-RHW-21545362 & 591
    DLO4441110B 444.41110/240.0901.170.065-40°C to 90°C2kvCSA RW90UL RHH-RHW-21820400 & 652
    DLO5001221B 5001221/240.0901.200.065-40°C to 90°C2kvCSA RW90UL RHH-RHW-22100430 & 700
    DLO5351332B 535.31332/240.0901.210.065-40°C to 90°C2kvCSA RW90UL RHH-RHW-22195445 & 728
    DLO6461591B 646.41591/240.0901.280.065-40°C to 90°C2kvCSA RW90UL RHH-RHW-22560493 & 815
    DLO7771924B 777.71924/240.0901.370.065-40°C to 90°C2kvCSA RW90UL RHH-RHW-23050545 & 904

    12 Items

    Set Descending Direction

    Additional strandings and gauges available upon request.

    Download Spec Sheet  

    DLO – Diesel Locomotive 2kv High Strand Cable

    Description of DLO Wind Power Cable:

    Sycor’s 2kv Wind Turbine DLO cables are useful in dry or wet outdoor locations because of the cables resistance to oils, heat, flame, abrasion, alkalies and acids. The 2kv Wind Turbine DLO cable is also a designated portable power cable that can either be handled more often because of its flexible properties or last for very long periods of time without requiring maintenance.


    Construction of DLO Wind Power Cable:

    Stranded bare annealed copper
    Paper or polyester tape separator
    EPDM rubber insulation
    Black, heavy-duty CPE sunlight resistant jacket extruded


    Temperature Rating of DLO Wind Power Cable:

    -40°C to 90°C

    Application of DLO Wind Power Cable:

    Sycor’s 2kv Wind Turbine DLO cable is designed to transfer power from wind turbines to an appropriate power source. The 2kv Wind Turbine DLO cable is a good choice for applications involving drilling rips, motor leads, in shipyards, conduit ducts, railroad and transit car wiring and even electrical earth moving equipment.   


    Voltage Rating of DLO Wind Power Cable:

    2000 Volts


    Approvals of DLO Wind Power Cable:

    MSHA accepted
    UL Type RHH-RHW-2 per UL 44
    CSA Type RW90 1kV per C22.2 No. 38-95
    Meets FT-4 and VW-1 Flame Tests
    IEEE 1202

    Colour options for DLO Wind Power Cable:

    Black Colour 0


    Value-Added Services of DLO Wind Power Cable:

    Cut & Strip VAS

    ROHS stand compliant


    All specifications are provided for reference only. Specifications will vary between manufacturers and are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check with your sales rep for the most accurate and up to date information when ordering.