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Speaker Wire

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Speaker Wire

    Sycor Part No # of ConductorsAWGStranding
    SYS222 2227/30
    SYT222 2227/30
    SYS220 22010/30
    SYT220 22010/30
    SYS218 21816/30
    SYT218 21816/30
    SYT216 21626/30
    SYT214 21441/30
    SYT212 21265/30
    SYT210 2107/45

    10 Items

    per page
    Set Descending Direction

    SYS part number for bare conductors, Substitute SYT for one bare/one tinned.

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    Stranded, parallel conductors consisting of both conductors being bare copper or one conductor tinned copper and one conductor bare copper.



    To connect speakers t o amplifiers



    PVC insulated.

    Optional Construction

    Extra flexible, higher strand count

    Optional Constructions

    Speaker wire can be made in many configurations, contact us for more information on:
    a)      Jacketed 2 or 4 conductor (link to communications multiconductor unshielded)
    b)      Direct Burial rated for outdoors or underground
    c)       In-wall CL2,CL3/FT4 75°C for inside wall installations
    d)      In-wall with parallel Cat 5e
    e)      Plenum rated CMP FT6 80°C

    Colour options available for this product:  

    Black Colour 0

    Value-Added Services available for this product:

    Cut & Strip VASResppol VASStripe VAS

    All specifications are provided for reference only. Specifications will vary between manufacturers and are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check with your sales rep for the most accurate and up to date information when ordering.