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Sycor Technology Inc. provides a variety of different services that can help even the most difficult applications. One of these services that Sycor takes tremendous pride in is our "Wire Bundling," which is an innovative way of tying or taping several cables together. This multi-purpose value-added service comes in 4 different configurations that provide unique solutions for a variety of applications. Traditionally wire bundling is used to help keep groups of wires together over long distances. It's also very helpful for keeping groups of cables separate from other groups, while also reducing the labour time and maintenance.

Our team has been supplying different wire bundling constructions since 1981 and can find the perfect configuration for whatever application you may require. We supply wire bundling for Cat cables, Hook-up wire, Building wire, Fire alarm wire (FAS), Coax, PV and many more. With our teams' main focus on customer satisfaction, we prioritize producing the highest quality product possible, competitive pricing, and providing unbeatable lead times.

Wire Bundling Example

Bundling Applications

  • Tray Systems
  • Lighting Systems
  • Fire alarm Systems
  • HVAC Systems
  • Hospitals
  • Security systems


You may be thinking to yourself "that must get unorganized very quickly", but in reality the opposite is true. Bundling cabling products together offers various benefits, most of which can improve the efficiency and quality of the application. 

Non-Bundled Cable Wire Bundling
Non-Bundled Wire comparison example



Wire Bundling Application Comparison Example


Benefits of Wire Bundling

  • Single reel setup
  • Reduced setup time
  • Still has easy to identify custom printing and conductors
  • Minimizes human error and product waste
  • Labour time is reduced by at least 40%
  • Can cover orders with 150+ conductors

It's always important to understand what your application requires. Unlike other Value-added Services that are helpful immediately (cutting or striping), the bundling service takes tremendous planning and preparation. Why? It's because of the degree of difficulty of its applications.


Wire Bundling Example

Think of a 50 story building and all of its fixtures and requirements. What powers the lights, where does the power come from, how do power supplies on the ground power appliances 200 meters in the sky? The answer to all of the questions is cables and a lot of them. Understanding what each floor needs, with the correct type of cable and certification, takes hundreds of planning hours. What wire bundling does in this example is efficiently organizes and separates important groups from one another. One wire bundle may have 100 different wires, each with a specific purpose for that floor.

  Wire Bundle lighting layout Planning

Although wire bundling is a very helpful service that makes overwhelming jobs much more simplistic, the service requires preparation to yield beneficial results. Our team has been supplying wire bundles in a number of configurations for more than 30 years now. Feel free to reach out to our sales team with any concerns and questions you may have. Request a quote online, email, or call us today!