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UL, CSA & Mil-Spec Quick Navigation

 Quick Navigation - UL, CSA & Mil- Spec


UL was founded in 1894 and is celebrating its 125th year in business. Similar to CSA, UL passes certifications that designate the safety requirements for a wide range of electrical products. UL additionally has many more detailed requirements, which can sometimes have up to 5 UL certifications for a single CSA. UL is also the dominant form of identification in the U.S with thousands of different standards that range across a number of different wiring categories, some of these categories are Hook-Up Wire, High-Temperature Wire and Multi-Conductor Cable. 



CSA or Canadian Standards Association began in 1919 and was originally known as the Canadian Engineering Standards Association (CESA). This group has developed safety standards for 57 areas of print and electronic services. CSA is a government-run organization that is composed of government representatives and specific consumer groups. Sycor is CSA approved and provides a wide selection of certifications for a vast amount of wire and cable products. Some of the popular types currently used are CSA TEW, CSA TR-64 and CSA RW90



Military wire or Mil-Spec wire is unique because it’s one of the only wiring categories with its own designation, unlike hook-up wire or high-temperature wire both of which are designated by UL and CSA. Similar to UL and CSA, Mil-Spec wire has a specific set of standards that must be followed in order for that product to be considered “real” mil-spec wire. 

Sycor’s mil-spec wire is typically used in demanding military applications, where reliability is essential. These products are relied on for difficult and demanding applications, because of how they’re able to handle high-frequency applications, which more than likely will be subject to extreme temperatures and harsh environments. Applications that require this type of wiring range from point-to-point wiring, antennas, bonding moving parts, airframe wiring and where durable shielding is required.