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Mil-Spec Wire

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Mil-Spec Wire & Cable


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Since 1981, Sycor Technology has been supplying military wire (including shipboard cables, aircraft cables, and more) to a number of high profile government agencies and defence contractors for some of their most demanding military applications. Whether you’re wiring a helicopter or establishing a communications network, Sycor can provide you with the highest quality Mil-Spec wire and cable your project requires.

Every job has its own unique demands and requirements, so in order to accommodate for this, we offer a variety of options to fulfill your mil-spec needs. Our FEP insulated mil-spec wires have tremendous electrical characteristics and excellent levels of flame resistance. If you are looking for something more flexible, our PTFE insulated Mil-Spec wires can provide you with additional mobility and strength.

Our team consistently maintains a hefty stock of wire and cable. With our vast network of the industry’s highest-quality manufacturers, we are able to provide you with the Mil-Spec wire you need, when you need it. Readily available in a variety of styles, sizes, and conductors, our team has the perfect Mil-Spec product for you, whatever your application may be!

Sycor is devoted to ensuring the highest level of quality to the most extensive clientele, which involves letting our clients know we carry all the necessary qualifications. As a note to our neighbours south of the border, Sycor is certified to sell to the U.S. federal government, our NCAGE code is L0V57.  


Type of Mil-Spec Wire

Mil-W-16878 (M16878) Mil-Spec Wire

The mil-w-16878 (m16878) mil-spec wire is one of the two main wiring categories that Sycor supplies and consistently stocks. This general-purpose military standard cabling category is also a designated hook-up wire. The m16878 mil-spec wire is available in various constructions, each of which is able to provide different strengths to the intended applications. With a voltage rating ranging from 300 Volts to 5000 Volts, the m16878 mil-spec wire is rated for low and high voltage applications like military, government, and aerospace applications, but can be used for some commercial applications when required.


Mil-W-22759 (M22759) Mil-Spec Wire 

The mil-w-22759 (m22759) mil-spec wires are single-conductor hook-up wires and are manufactured with tin, nickel or silver-plated copper conductors. The different mil-spec wiring constructions enable the mil-w-22759 (m22759) to be used in varying temperatures and environments. The final major difference between the m22759 models are the different insulations. Some available insulations are polyvinylidene fluoride (PVF2), polytetrafluoroethylene (TFE), fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) and ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer (ETFE). Each insulation provides various strengths towards the intended applications and, in some cases, are combined to create up to 4 separate layers. These unique constructions help provide excellent protection and increased shelf life for various applications that m22759 mil-spec wire may be subject to. 

Have a question about mil-spec wires? Not sure which mil-spec wire or cable is right for your specific application? Curious about wires in general? We have the answers. Sycor’s highly knowledgeable and dedicated team is at your disposal.  Request a quote online, email, or call us today!




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