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High-Temperature Wire & Cable

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Sycor's High-Temperature Wiring Constructions

Silicone High-Temp. Wire

SEW Variations




SRML - UL 3070, UL 3101
UL3278 & UL3231
  SEW-1, UL-SF-1   TGGT - UL5127, UL5180,
UL5214, UL5256, UL5257
CSA AWM, UL1164,
Braided Silicone lead
Wire UL3252, UL3254
  SEW-2, UL-SF-2   TCGT - UL5288, UL5331 CSA AWM UL1198,
SRML-K  -  UL3231, UL3410 SEWF-1, UL-SFF-1 MGT - UL5107, UL5128 - -
SGI - UL3257 High Voltage
SEWF-2, UL-SFF-2 MGS - UL5359 - -
Braidless Silicone Fixture
UL3212, UL3213 & UL3214
- - - -


High-Temperature Wire

Concerned that your wires might not be able to hold up in your gruelling, high-heat applications? Sycor Technology can help you find the right high-temperature wiring solution for whatever your application may be. The high-temperature wire family includes, but isn’t limited to, thermocouple wire, TCGT, MGT-1000, SEW and SRML products. These high-temperature silicone and Teflon wires operate with temperature ratings ranging from a low of 90°C all the way up to 450°C or higher. Sycor's high-temperature wire can be used for a variety of applications such as cooking and drying equipment, household and industrial ovens, aircraft and petroleum processing and aerospace applications.

There are thousands of unique cables that are designed for applications in very specific environments. Sycor’s high-temperature wires are the same, with temperature ratings reaching 150°C, 250°C and even 450°C. Our high-temperature wires are designed for even the most unforgiving environments. This is only possible because of our products like SRML, SGI, TGGT and MGS that are created with a special coating which allows them to survive in high-temperature applications.


High-Temperature Wire Examples:

  MGT - High-Temperature Wire  

  TCGT - High-Temperature Wire  

  SRML - High-Temperature Wire  

  SGI - High-Temperature Wire  

M = Mica Tape

G = Glass

T = Teflon

Temp. Rating: 450°C

T = Teflon

C = Ceramic Tape

G = Glass

T = Teflon

Temp. Rating: 250°C

S = Silicone

R = Rubber

M = Motor

L = Lead Wire

Temp. Rating: 250°C

S = Silicone

G = Gas

I  = Ignition

Temp. Rating: 250°C

MGT High-Temperature WireTCGT High-Temperature wireSGI High-Temperature Wire

High-Temperature Wire Considerations

Each material used in high-temperature wire provides different attributes, which determines just how much temperature each product can handle. Sycor specializes in high-temperature wire and stocks 15 different models that excel in different settings and industries we serve. If you’re looking for extreme temperatures above 400°C go check out our thermocouple cables, which has temperature ratings of −200°C to +1350°C. No matter what environment or ampacity Sycor’s high-temperature wires provide solutions to all applications.


Two of the most important factors to consider when selecting a high-temperature wire is the temperature rating and ampacity. The temperature rating is exactly what it sounds like and is defined as the maximum continuous temperature a specific wire can withstand during its expected lifetime. Ampacity is the maximum current an insulated conductor can safely carry without exceeding its insulation and jacket temperature limitations. Taking into consideration both of these factors is imperative in choosing the right high-temperature wire for your application.


If you have any questions about which high-temperature wire your application calls for, let us help!  Our superior sales staff is always available to answer any questions you may have and lend their expertise in narrowing down your wiring and cabling options. Request a quote online, email, or call us today!


High-Temperature wire and cable Brochure