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Sycor Technology Inc takes great pride in providing exponential customer service, fast on time delivery and quality guarantees. With our experienced experts working within the industry since 1981, we’re confident our sales team can accommodate any special requirement you need for your wire and cable solution.

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Friday Fun Facts: Week 1

Post by : Sycor Marketing

Hello, everyone, I hope you’re all doing well and had an amazing Valentines day. Sycor Technology Inc. has been in business since 1981 and has numerous experts with decades of wiring and cabling experience. Our blog has typically been used for helping educate customers who don’t typically deal with wire and cable products. Our expert sales team has come up with the idea of a new concept called “Friday morning fun facts”.

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When and Why do electrical wires have shields?

Post by : Sycor Marketing

Shielding although it sounds like it may protect from physical abuse it is quite the opposite. Shielding wire is done for the sake of combating EMI or Electromagnetic Interference.

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