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Sycor Technology Inc takes great pride in providing exponential customer service, fast on time delivery and quality guarantees. With our experienced experts working within the industry since 1981, we’re confident our sales team can accommodate any special requirement you need for your wire and cable solution.

Current Copper Price

2 Month Copper $US Dollar price per pound

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Blanket Orders & How to Save Money & Time!

Post by : Sycor Marketing

Sycor Technology has been around since 1981 and has built up a loyal customer base from the products supplied and how certain services can save our customers time and money. While other distributors and manufacturers will simply supply wire at the highest price possible, Sycor offers a very beneficial method to help our customers reach their desired price and lead times.

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High-Temperature Wire Basics

Post by : Sycor Marketing

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Mil-Spec Wire Explained

Post by : Sycor Marketing

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Friday Fun Facts: Week 5

Post by : Sycor Marketing

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Friday Fun Facts: Week 4

Post by : Sycor Marketing

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had an easy going week. For this weeks Friday cabling fun facts were going to be looking at the 2 largest blackouts ever and how hydropower reuses the same water over and over again.

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