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Sycor Technology Inc takes great pride in providing exponential customer service, fast on time delivery and quality guarantees. With our experienced experts working within the industry since 1981, we’re confident our sales team can accommodate any special requirement you need for your wire and cable solution.

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Friday Fun Facts Week 2

Post by : Sycor Marketing

Good morning everyone, I hope all of you reading had a stress free week. To finish your week off Sycor will be showing off another week of our Friday morning fun facts. This week you'll get a look at the biggest light bulb in the world, how fast electricity travels and learn about the worlds smallest wire. Hope you enjoy!

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Why is Cable Management Beneficial?

Post by : Sycor Marketing

Specific wiring and cabling is extremely important for a wide range of professions. Many of these operations that employers engage in are very technical and can become complicated very quickly. A large majority of professionals have learned how to organize and effectively manage hundreds of cables that are in close proximity to one another. Cable management refers to the management of electrical and optical cable within designated installations. The management of cables makes continuous maintenance and changes to complicated cable systems much more simple.

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