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Sycor Technology Inc takes great pride in providing exponential customer service, fast on time delivery and quality guarantees. With our experienced experts working within the industry since 1981, we’re confident our sales team can accommodate any special requirement you need for your wire and cable solution.

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Mil-Spec Wire Explained

Post by : Sycor Marketing

Military wire is much different than any other wiring or cabling product. Military wire or Mil-Spec wire has its own designation, unlike hook-up wire or high-temperature wire both of which are designated by UL and CSA. Similar to UL and CSA, Mil-Spec wire has set standards that must be followed in order for that product to be considered “real” mil-spec wire.

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Friday Fun Facts: Week 5

Post by : Sycor Marketing

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Friday Fun Facts: Week 4

Post by : Sycor Marketing

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Friday Fun Facts: Week 3

Post by : Sycor Marketing

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Customizing Cables & Design Considerations

Post by : Sycor Marketing

Custom cables are often looked at as extremely complicated, at least at first. Once you break down the different important part of the wire and the different options it becomes a very easy process. The first thing to keep in mind before choosing any of your parts is to fully understand what your custom cable will be subject too. Will your cable be surrounded by other cables, in a high-temperature environment or even subject to contact will acidic chemicals.

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