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Transit XLPO Multi-Conductor Wire UL 1685 110°C 600V

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Transit XLPO Multi-Conductor Wire UL 1685 110°C 600V

    Sycor Part No # of ConductorsAWGStrandingNom. O.D. (In)Jacket Thickness (In)ShieldingTempVoltage RatingUL StyleApprox Weight LBS./MFT
    SCXTX160-1802 21819/300.3390.045Braid110°C600UL 168567
    SCXTX160-1602 21619/290.3480.045Braid110°C600UL 168574
    SCXTX160-1402 21419/270.3740.045Braid110°C600UL 168588
    SCXTX160-1202 21219/250.4100.045Braid110°C600UL 1685116
    SCXTX160-1803 31819/300.3510.045Braid110°C600UL 168581
    SCXTX160-1603 31619/290.3660.045Braid110°C600UL 168592
    SCXTX160-1403 31419/270.4000.045Braid110°C600UL 1685120
    SCXTX160-1203 31219/250.4380.045Braid110°C600UL 1685145
    SCXTX160-1804 41819/300.3740.045Braid110°C600UL 168592
    SCXTX160-1604 41619/290.4020.045Braid110°C600UL 1685109
    SCXTX160-1404 41419/270.4270.045Braid110°C600UL 1685130
    SCXTX160-1204 41219/250.4800.045Braid110°C600UL 1685187
    SCXTX100-1802 21819/300.3110.045Unshielded110°C600UL 168550
    SCXTX100-1602 21619/290.3260.045Unshielded110°C600UL 168555
    SCXTX100-1402 21419/270.3510.045Unshielded110°C600UL 168568
    SCXTX100-1202 21219/250.3950.045Unshielded110°C600UL 1685100
    SCXTX100-1803 31819/300.3280.045Unshielded110°C600UL 168570
    SCXTX100-1603 31619/290.3430.045Unshielded110°C600UL 168573
    SCXTX100-1403 31419/270.3710.045Unshielded110°C600UL 168587
    SCXTX100-1203 31219/250.4100.045Unshielded110°C600UL 1685115
    SCXTX100-1804 41819/300.3620.045Unshielded110°C600UL 168574
    SCXTX100-1604 41619/290.3750.045Unshielded110°C600UL 168590
    SCXTX100-1404 41419/270.4270.045Unshielded110°C600UL 1685130
    SCXTX100-1204 41219/250.4530.045Unshielded110°C600UL 1685145

    24 Items

    per page
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    Additional Stranding and gauges available upon request. Please contact us to enquire.

    Download Spec Sheet

    Description - Transit Cable Multi-Conductor UL 1685:

    Sycor’s multi-conductor transit cables are designed to effectively work inside or outdoors. The cable is made with flame-resistant material, crush resistant, moisture resistant and chemical resistant construction. With highly flexible stranding the multi-conductor transit cable can easily be installed in underground ducts, direct burial applications and metal trays. 


    Approvals - Transit Cable Multi-Conductor UL 1685:

    AAR S-501, AAR RP-585
    ICEA S-66-524 (S-95-658)


    Flame Tests - Transit Cable Multi-Conductor UL 1685:

    UL VW-1


    Construction - Transit Cable Multi-Conductor UL 1685:

    Stranded tinned copper conductors
    Irradiated cross-linked (XLPO) insulation
    Polyethylene tape binder
    cross-linked (XLPO) Jacket

    Application - Transit Cable Multi-Conductor UL 1685:

    Specifically for use in rail transit vehicles. Exhibits high resistance to moisture, abrasion, oil and grease. Fire resistant with low smoke and acid gas generation.


    Temperature Rating - Transit Cable Multi-Conductor UL 1685:



    Voltage Rating - Transit Cable Multi-Conductor UL 1685:



    Safety Tests - Transit Cable Multi-Conductor UL 1685:

    BSS 7239 transit toxicity 
    NFPA 130-2014 transit & passenger rail
    UL 1685 FT4/ IEEE 1202 for smoke
    49 CFR part 238 (ICEA S-19-81) flame & smoke
    ASTM E662 flaming & non-flaming modes

    Colour options available for Transit Cable Multi-Conductor UL 1685:  

    Black Colour 0Brown Colour 1Red Colour 2Orange Colour 3Yellow Colour 4Green Colour 5Blue Colour 6Violet Colour 7Grey Colour 8White Colour 9


    Value-Added Services available for  - Transit Cable Multi-Conductor UL 1685:

    Resppol VASStripe VASPrint VASCut & Strip VAS 


    All specifications are provided for reference only. Specifications will vary between manufacturers and are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check with your sales rep for the most accurate and up to date information when ordering.