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MV90 2.4kV (5kv ICEA) - Non Shielded, EPR Insulated, PVC Jacketed

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MV90 2.4kV (5kv ICEA) - Non Shielded, EPR Insulated, PVC Jacketed

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    Sycor Part No AWGStrandingConductor NOM. O.D.TempVoltage RatingUL Style100% Insulation Thickness100% Jacket Thickness100% Approx Weight Copper100% Approx Weight Alum.133% Insulation Thickness133% Jacket Thickness133% Appr. O.D (in)133% Approx Weight Copper133% Approx Weight Alum.
    MV90E2.4K100-8 870.1390°C2.4 kV107212580208-125800.59208-
    MV90E2.4K100-6 670.1790°C2.4 kV107212580254197125800.63254197
    MV90E2.4K100-4 470.2190°C2.4 kV107212580321231125800.67321231
    MV90E2.4K100-2 270.2790°C2.4 kV107212580422279125800.72422279
    MV90E2.4K100-1 1190.3090°C2.4 kV107212580488308125800.76488308
    MV90E2.4K100-1/0 1/0190.3490°C2.4 kV107212580572345125800.79572345
    MV90E2.4K100-2/0 2/0190.3890°C2.4 kV107212580675389125800.83675389
    MV90E2.4K100-3/0 3/0190.4290°C2.4 kV107212595831470125950.91831470
    MV90E2.4K100-4/0 4/0190.4890°C2.4 kV107212595991537125950.96991537
    MV90E2.4K100-250 250 MCM370.5290°C2.4 kV107214011011986601401101.081198660
    MV90E2.4K100-350 350 MCM370.6290°C2.4 kV107214011015598061401101.181559806
    MV90E2.4K100-500 500 MCM370.7490°C2.4 kV1072140110208810121401101.3020881012
    MV90E2.4K100-750 750 MCM610.9190°C2.4 kV1072155110304714341551101.5430471434
    MV90E2.4K100-1000 1000 MCM611.0690°C2.4 kV1072155125391017601551251.6939101760

    14 Items

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    *Available in 100% and 133% Insulation Levels.  

    Download Spec Sheet  

    MV90 Wet/Dry, EPR Insulated, PVC Jacketed 2.4kV Non Shielded   

    Description of MV90 2.4kV Non-Shielded:

    The MV90 2.4kv is typically used for primary power and distribution circuits in industrial and commercial installations. True Triple extrusion system and closed handling raw materials system, to eliminate any contact with ambient, until the extrusion process ends.

    Approvals - MV90 2.4kV Non-Shielded:

    UL listed as MV-90 Wet and Dry.
    UL 1072


    Temperature Rating - MV90 2.4kV Non-Shielded:

    90°- 250°C


    Voltage Rating - MV90 2.4kV Non-Shielded:

    2.4 kV per UL
    5 kV 100% and 133% per ICEA

    Construction - MV90 2.4kV Non-Shielded:

    • Soft annealed bare copper compacted conductor, Class B per ASTM B496 or hard drawn Aluminum-1350 compacted class B per ASTM B 400.
    • Semi conducting cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) conductor shield.
    • Thermoset Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) insulation.
    • Sunlight resistance and flame retardant thermoplastic Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) compound jacket.


    Application - MV90 2.4kV Non-Shielded:

    Per NEC, use is limited to 2400 volts. The MV90 2.4kv is also used industrial and utility applications, for wet and dry locations, in accordance with NEC.

    ROHS stand compliant


    All specifications are provided for reference only. Specifications will vary between manufacturers and are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check with your sales rep for the most accurate and up to date information when ordering.